Kassa Software Tracking (KST) PLC (GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management System)

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Kassa Software Tracking (KST) PLC (GPS Vehicle Tracking System and Fleet Management System)

Kassa Software Tracking PLC. (KST) is an  emerging company in Ethiopia that is organized to provide clients with technological options through the use of hard ware furnished with Global position system and the latest IT software with different costumers oriented featuers. It enables the Fleet management system to control movements of personnel and vehicles on the one hand, and ensures security of all resources that are attached with tracking unit on the other hand.


Some of the features of the system


  •  Estimated Time of Arrival
    • Indicates the tracker's location and the reference location then it estimates the the duration to arrive to the destination


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  • Live tracking
  • Fuel sensor report from each tracker
  • Fuel Analysis report
  • Route OptimizerAllows
  • Geofence drawing
    • Suggests the best route by indicating the directions



For sometimes now, the need for a reliable tracking system with ill Ethiopia has become so significant that we decided to establish such a system. The establishment of Kassa Software Tracking PLC is a response to such a need and call. It is a comprehensive user-friendly system available in the market today. Our product is suitable for both large and small organizations, to monitor and manage thousands of mobile assets lit rough out tire country.


It is a modular based system that allows for the "real time" monitoring and management of mobile assets.

Our software application is simple to use, and embraces a comprehensive program that enables organizations to view, monitor an d manage all their mobile assets. We offer all extended and fully customizable report system that shows how remote assets are being utilized.



The current ways of fleet management are reportedly said to be hard, laborious, and open for resource misuse and abuse. In addition, loss of control over fleet management is among the major causes of accident that devastate human-life and assets in particular and national economy in general. We are in situations that we feel in-secure about our meager resource invested ill the sector.

Therefore, we are here not only to make business/ but also to bring-in/ transfer technology, that greatly minimizes property loss and damage and thereby which has its own contribution to the national growth and transformation plan. In a way, our presence has many fold advantages: in that we have created a very strategic business unit which protects and sustains the assets of our customers which are by themselves wealth creators and which in turn have their shares in the overall economic growth.

The current ways of fleet management are reportedly said to be hard, laborious, and open for resource misuse and abuse. In addition, loss of control over fleet management is among the major causes of accident that devastate human-life and assets in particular and national economy in general. We are in situations that we feel insecure about our meager resource invested in the sector.

Therefore, we are here not only to make business but also to bring-in/ transfer technology, and contribute to the national growth and transformation plan. That is, our presence has many fold advantages: it is business to us, increase efficiency to our clients, and it contributes to the national economy.

 Products and Services spectrum

  • Kassa Software Tracking PLC brought you Hi-tech innovative technology for a trust worthy vehicle tracking system using GPS (Global Position System)/ GPRS system with affordable price and assurance for this high quality product to our precious customers.
  • Our Automatic Vehicle Tracker (AVL) device is one of the powerful user friendly GPS tracking devices in the world. GPS/GPRS Vehicle Tracking system, is specially designed for fleet management based on the GSMI GPRS networks, it provides the precise teal-time tracking service for vehicles.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS): vehicles installed with GPS tracking units con create a portal to control movable assets whereabouts and the implement needed to effectively manage off-site vehicle fleets. Monitoring location and speed of vehicles provides an easy way to gauge undesirable driver behavior and increase security. Having such information will give the client a synergy to take proper remedy to protect their staffs and movable property from danger.
  • Our web based tracking system will give access 24/7 to the clients to get all the vehicle detail information status just on PC, LAPTOP and /or smart mobile phone from any corner and/or without border limit.

Our software is not only users friendly but also give the upper hand to the client to command their vehicle to block or unblock Engine, blow or un-blow horn, Lock or un lock doors from any location.

 Our Services

We provide our Clients with services that enable them to:

  • Track the exact location of the vehicles - moving or stationary and personal tracking.
  • Locate; used for finding out the closest tracker (may be a vehicle) to the location of dispatch.
  • Geo fence; auto alert are generated when the vehicle deviated from the pre defined path or violets the earmarked area.
  • Control their vehicle from their Desktop/Laptop/ Smart mobile phone throughout the world irrespective of location of the vehicle by applying features such as; 'Engine blocking', blow horn, Doors lock or unlock, etc
  • Driver identification using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
  • RFID based Asset tracking
  • Individual alert setting management system
  • Multiple e-mail and SMS delivery options
  • Have automatic computation of Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Have continuous service even when there is disconnection from your vehicle battery through use of built-in backup battery
  • Get high recovery rate (99%) of stolen vehicle; and many more
  • Manage Vehicle from their Office, Residence, while traveling and even In Cafe using PC, Laptop or Smart Mobile Phone

Advantages of Working With Us

  • You enjoy Hi-Tech at very low cost
  • High level of benefit to be generated from cost efficiency- avoiding abuse and misuse of resource, and management
  • High level of dependability- our partnership with strong innovative and Cost effective Company which will give costumers to have Hi-Tech and best quality products at next door.
  • We are at a call reach when you fail to control over the fleet when ever and everywhere through built-in Customer Care User Interface
  • You benefit from our capacity building and back up service together with continuous partnership relation after sales of our tracking unit
  • Wide range ofTechnological and Software options
  • Ever improving and up to date technology from the Satellite- RFID is additional option
  • You can adopt/ expand and apply/ the raw data in our software to your own actual situation
  • Our software is compatible with old and new Windows browsers
  • Client Oriented services- for individuals, groups, and public; and many more
  • You will find Practical Active GPSTrackers at Any part of the Country with well known International Organization


Our Products

1. Vehicle Tracker VT-62

Kassa4VT-62 GPS unit wirelessly transmits location, peripheral and vehicle control data to a control center. Location date, including speed, direction, milage and altitude is provided by an onboard GPS reciever. Wireless trasmission is achieved using poll location and command data at regular invervals, derive action based on location, peripheral, and control data, excellent power backup, built-n memory for offline data packet storage and execute those actions.

Interface Features

  • Power supply: 10 *30V
  • USB port
  •  2digital input
  •  1digital/analog input (configurable)
  •  2 open collector digital outputs
  •  1wire @temperature sensor
  •  1wire @i Button
  •  LEDs indicating device status

Special Features (VT-62)

  • Any element event triggers (external sensor input ,speed, temperature, ete)
  • Highly configurable data acquisition and sending
  • Multiple Geo-fence areas
  • sleep mode
  • Deep sleep mode
  • Configurable scenarios available
  • real-time process monitoring
  • authorized number list for remote access
  • Firmware update over GPRS or USB port
  • Configuration update over GPRS, SMS or USB port
  • TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol support
  • 100'000 record storing

2. Personal Tracker FS-65

Kassa2FS-6S is a fully Integrated waterproof personal tracking device with large memory, in-built battery, In-built GPS&GPRS antlnnas and many features that makes Is one of the most Integrated and compact tracking device available. You can carry It In your pocket like mobile phone or can install it in your car. On a single charge it will work for approximately 6-8 hours.



3. Vehicle Tracker VT-80

Kassa3VT-80:-is a high-end vehicle tracker equipped with extensive status detection system. It offers advanced features like fuel monitoring, temperature monitoring, towing alert, speed alert, built-in tri-axial acceleration sensor, RFID option, Two way communication, built-in 4MB flash memory and will work for approximately 6-8 hours.

The package contains

Input and output power supply cable with 2*10 connection pins, GPS/GLONASS antenna, GSM antenna, Card with link to drivers and configuration

Interface Features

  • Power supply: 10 *30V
  • USB port
  • 4digital input
  • analog input
  • 4open collector digital outputs
  • 1wire @temperature sensor
  • 1wire @iButton
  • LEDs indicating device status
  • 2*RS232 ports
  • Audio interface
  • Can message 2.0 A, B Active support. Speed upto 1 Mbit/s

4. Motor Cycle Trackers FS-63

Kassa1- FS-63 is waterprof compact size

- back-up battery capacity for more than 3 days

- works with GSM/GPRS simultaneously, has Tow Alarm

- 10 User-defined Report Alarm, 10 Geo-Fencing Reports

- Firmware Upgrade over the Air (via GPRS)

- GPS Antenna Disconnect/Cut Alarm

- Up to 12,000 Data Log Capacity

- Cell ID Positioning Function

- Built-in 3d G sensor for vehicle motion

- Impact detection and time tracking (Time, Distance Interval or Intellignet Mode)



Improve Customer Service

According to the Aberdeen Group's study on the effect of GPS tracking, when companies implemented a GPS tracking system, they often realize a 23% increase in the total number of service calls completed per day per technician , an average of a 46% increase in the percentage of time that service technicians arrive within the promised response time, and a 76.1 % increase in service revenues because of improvement in customer service alone.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Researchers in recent years concluded that GPS vehicle tracking systems have helped companies reduce fuel costs by 73.2% to 75% on average. By doing so, our Hi- Tech vehicles tracking system helps our valuable costumers to keep vehicle fuel costs low by reducing excessive vehicle idling and speeding, improving the routing of vehicles, and eliminating side jobs by updating on 24/7 base sending A VL packet every 30 second.

Improve Supervision and Safety

Kassa software tracking PLC gives you instant access to the location and status of your fleet vehicles and other mobile assets, helping you improve vehicle maintenance, fleet supervision, inventory management and employee accountability. Our user friendly software also monitors unsafe driving and helps improve the safety and security of your vehicles and driver.

Increase Revenue

GPS vehicle tracking allows companies to add more jobs to each work day. Companies see a 25% increase in work orders completed after implementing CPS t rocking systems

Increase company's goal achievement

Productivity of workers call be increased by being able to keep track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorized stops and breaks and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers.

By having detailed information from the data sent from GPS trackers on the whereabouts of vehicles at all times, it is far easier to keep an eye on employee activities and whereabouts of all employees, Managers are far more in touch with their day today business operations. Meaning they have greater levels of control over their company over all activity which definitely increase the possibility of attaining the company targeted goal well and precisely plan for the future activity in advance.

Enhance Team Spirit

KASSA's web base tracking system gives to company Managers a portal to follow closely their work attached with a fleet and advice their subordinate the best way to practice in their day to day work activity.
By doing so, managers and subordinates discuss among themselves for the bitterness of company success in a good Team spirit.


Reduces paper work and telephone bill

Our web base vehicle tracking system will provide widen fact file reports panel of your vehicles in general and specific plate number in particular which give synergy to costumers to customize reports to their demands. By doing so, will minimize the paper work cost and track the status of their vehicle 24/7 which also enable them to reduce telephone bill they usually cost to call the drivers to know whereabouts .


Advanced Features Accurate GPS positioning

  • Accurate GPS positioning
  • Harsh Braking/ Acceleration report
  • RFID (Optional)
  • Fuel monitoring gauge live show and additional report graph display with time verses fuel
  • Up to four fuel tanker status live show separately
  • Support taking photo(optional)
  • Two way communication (optional)
  • Engine immobilizer
  • Tow Report
  • Car maintenance remind by mileagereport
  • Temperature sensor (Optional)
  • Over speed report
  • Vehicles expected time of arrival to any destination
  • Route options including time of arrival and distance in KM to any destination point
  • Trip repots
  • Commands to the vehicle (block and un block engine, lock &unlock doors, blow horn& un blow horn)
  • Support alarm in case of oil leakage
  • Mileage, satellite notification and GPRS by SMS
  • Can be store more than 16000 records
  • Use the Americans satellite GPS ,Russian satellite GLONASS which has an added value for perfect information
  • Extremely high resolution tech. so work in poor net work area perfectly


Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management System Payment Options Package

    • Real time tracking
    • Accessible from any where
    • Emailed report schedule
    • Advance alert system
    • Speeding/out of alerting journey replay system
    • Google street view / Google map view

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