DES General Trading PLC

Phone +251 11 116022
Fax +251 11 1116270
Mobile +251 91 1201305
Sub City ARADA Sub -City
Business Type Private
LocationIn front of Cathedral School, Country Tower Building Room No. G6-2, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPlastic/Foam Products
DES General Trading PLC

DES General Trading Plc is a private company in Ethiopia engaged in the manufacturing of melamine products (plates, bowls, serving try, cup), steel wool (wools commonly used to clean steel products like cooking pots) and different aluminum utensils (cooking pots, ladle, wash base). The Company has a significant role in employment opportunity and also saving foreign currency by replacing products that was imported to Ethiopia from abroad. DES is an ever expanding company which is in the process of diversifying its scope of business from import and manufacturing to export and service sectors. DES has been established in 1997 under trade registration no. of MT/AA/2/0006395/2004 issued by Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of Ethiopia. Its current registered capital is Br. 34,135,000 and total asset is Br. 95,010,414.



  • The company is currently engaged in Manufacturing of :-Page0
    1. Melamine Plate, ( plates, Bowels, Round & Oval Service tray, Cups)
    2. Steel Wool (“Hagere Shibo”)
    3. Aluminum Utensils (Cooking pot, Ladle, Wash Base)
    4. Hard Chrome plating service (Maintenance of any steelProducts).
    5. PVC & PPR ( PVC & PPR Pipes in Different Sizes)
    1. PVC flooring
    2. PVC artificial leather
    3. PVC Transparent sheets
    4. PE Tarpaulin sheet


Has Exclusive Patent right for Hagere steel wool & DES Aluminum utensils and DES melamine Plates.


The company’s Suppliers are internationally renowned companies from Europe, Asia & Far East countries. To mention few: Wellmark co. Ltd.,
FORMUSA Int’l FLC, Thai Plastic Partner, and Seascop Exports. The company is supported by Suppliers from across the globe for various raw materials and finished products.


DES General Trading is managed by highly qualified staff team equipped with modern business know how. The company has secured successful business contact with reputable and dependable international Firms. Likewise, its
domestic customers and clients include thousands of consumers and established traders as well as government organizations.


The company has Own Shop at Addis Ababa. There are several Distributors of DES General Trading in different parts of the Country.
All Distributors have adequate shop and warehouse facilities.


The company employs both printed and electronic media for advertising its business, such as Newspaper, Bill board, Catalogue and other mass Medias through renowned advertisers.


DES is an ever expanding company which is in the process of diversifying its scope of business along the manufacturing sector focused on import substitution in response to the country’s economic development agenda.
Currently, it has already started production of PVC and PPR and is also in the process of establishing PP Mat factory which is under construction.


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Wegagen Bank, United Bank & Lion International Bank: The Owner/Manger having excellent record of returning loans before due date is one of the corporate customers of the Banks. The company is also granted award from Commercial Bank of Ethiopia and Private Banks for its outstanding performance. It has also
received Letters of appreciation from Local Medias for sponsorship and from Korea Ministry of Trade and Industry for its high volume imports and paramount business relationships.


Member of the Addis Ababa Chamber Of Commerce.



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