J&S Steel Structure

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J&S Steel Structure

J&S Steel Structure is a Chinese company involved in designing, producing, supplying and installing different steel structures for warehouse and workshop construction in Ethiopia.

ABOUT J&S Steel Structure

  • We are professional warehouse or workshop structural/interior design/ and construction company.
  • We devote our selves to ecological warehouse or workshop construction
  • We integrate the most efficient building material and technologies
  • We focus on producing superior and comfortable high quality warehouse or workshop environment


Phase I specification and agreement

  •  Proposal on dimension and area of warehuse
  • Sign of contract after reaching an agreement

Phase II analysis and design

  • Cost calculation, evaluation and check
  • Detailed drawings

Phase III confirmation

  • Customer review and confirmation
  • Organizing construction before materials arive

Phase IV manufacture steel and foundation work

  •  Manuacturing steel structure in china in line with foundation work in Ethiopia  
  •  Handiling materials

Phase V packing and delivery

  • Packing in factory
  • Shippment and delivery  

Phase VI installation

  • Installing frame, wall, window, door and roof of the warehouse
  • Decoration and end up


We will achieve our vision by delivering quality service in short period of time with minimum.


  • Straight talking
    • We encourage open debate where the best ideas win.
  • Customer centric
    • We put our customer at the center of our focus and initiatives with the objectives of providing them with unmatchable level of services and products.
  • Team work
    • We actively share information and ideas, enthusiastically working to make those around us better.
  • Employment
    • We employ people to make decisions with a bias for action.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. How long does it take to build warehouse?

The construction period varies acording to the size and design, as well as the workmanship of the installers. For your reference, a steel structure warehouse of 2000m2 may take around 3 months after agreement to end up.

2. How long does it take production of steel structure In china?

After the type,style, and size of the materials are ordered, it will take around 30 days.

3. How is foundation work done?

Similar to other building constructions concrete foundation will be used. The size and depth of the basement will be dependent on the nature of the size.

4. Is it possible to have your engineering drawings?

We will provide all the engineering drawings to you after the order is placed with us.

5. How long does shippment and clearing take?

After production in china is completed, loading from factory, shippment and clearing will be completed in 30days depending on Ethiopian shipping lines performance.

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