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Water Fit General Trading

Water Fit General Trading is a supplier and contracting company in Ethiopia, providing quality products and professional services in the field of water supply. The products we distribute range from water work-related tools and equipment, water distribution items (pipes, pumps, etc.), and water storage equipment, to water treatment chemicals and hygiene and sanitation products. An interesting development was the intention of introducing of solar-powered submersible pump units and Bat-welding services, especially for Ethiopia.

Water Fit General Trading has undertaken a combination of activities involving the supply of water and sanitation-related products to public and private commercial or residential buildings, irrigation and water supply projects, and general trading bringing a remarkable track record of sales.

Water Fit General Trading is a midsized supplier and distributor of water work-related products in Ethiopia, competes in mature markets, and its commodity markets have recently undergone significant consolidation. Continually improving its supply chain efficiencies and differentiating its services or products with value-added services have become WATER FIT’s new bases of competition. 

The Company experienced steady growth since its inception. In 2012 Gross Sales of track record were achieved. In three years annual sales have increased to be well over a million dollars. In 2013, signed contracts show that Gross Sales are expected to increase. Water Fit General Trading is supporting its strategy with an integrated systems platform that is also an engine for the company’s long-term growth.

WATER FIT GENERAL TRADING is registered under the Ethiopian commercial code and licensed by Addis Ababa City Administration Trade, Industry & Tourism Bureau with its principal registration certificate No. 04/1/11718/99.


To actively participate in the trade and investment of the country to improve and strengthen the national economy in general and the materials supply sector in particular by introducing modern and appropriate materials technology and upgrading the quality of the required technical services with high standard services of material/equipment supplies to the various economic sectors of the country so that the much needed sustainable development is achieved within a very short period of time.


Our main objective is to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction by providing quality input materials or equipment and real value for money. We assure customers cost-effective, reliable and prompt supply or delivery services in Ethiopia.
The specific objective of the company is to provide quality products, professional services, and all resources for smooth and successful completion of projects to appropriate standards.

In order to ensure the continuous supply of quality products and the rendering of high-quality professional services for client, the company at all stages of the product and the service provision process, utilize efficient equipment and technology.

The products to be supplied, the equipment to be employed and the professionals to be involved to each and every specific waterwork are all high standard quality, state of the art and well qualified and have rich experience on similar projects executed successfully.

With the supply of high-quality products, employing highly qualified professionals and energetic supporting staff, we have built a capacity to handle supplies intended to projects in a quality, timely and within client’s budget.

We aim to participate in national and international competitive bids for the procurement of suppliers for the projects financed by Federal, Regional government budgets, the private sector as well as those funded by UN agencies, international or continental monetary agencies, NGOs and donor governments intended to Ethiopia.

WATER FIT GENERAL TRADING is mainly involved in the following activities:

  • Supply of quality products to water supply and irrigation projects.
  • Supply of sanitary fittings to Residential & Commercial Construction buildings.
  • Commission agency and distribution service to manufacturers.
  • Retail Roof and Floor Coverings.
  • Provision of Bat-welding services.

WATER FIT GENERAL TRADING has successfully supplied materials and equipment to projects which are completed and handed over to projects undertaken by public and private institutions throughout the country.


The company has the following basic values in projects implementation;

  • Provision and supply of required high-quality products and professional services
  • Hard work for quality products and services to clients at competitive prices
  • Integrity, honesty and professional competence
  • Respect for moral and cultural values while doing business
  • Savings in water work construction economy
  • Adaptation of beneficiary new products, new engineering and construction technologies
  • Playing a significant role in the sector in particular and on the overall national economy


WATER FIT GENERAL TRADING is founded and solely owned by Amanuel Tesfaye. All of the engineers, technicians and administrative supporting staff members are highly skilled and with recognized professional careers in their particular field of specialization. The number of professionals is justified by the number of projects contracted and the volume of the work at hand.


WATER FIT GENERAL TRADING is managed by a General Manager, a Deputy General Manager and Project Managers with a highly recommended job classification and all with promising leadership quality and entrepreneurship.


The main products we continuously supply to the market satisfy the national and international quality standards.

Some of the products we import include:

  • UPVC pipes and fittings
  • HDPE pipes and fittings
  • Syfen pipes
  • Irrigation line and accessories
  • PPR pipes and fittings
  • Galvanized pipes and fittings
  • Gardening accessories
  • Waterproof membrane
  • G-Tex Membrane
  • Industrial Valves and fittings
  • Butt Welding Installation for HDPE pipes

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