BETAHON Security & Safety System Import Application and Consultancy Enterprise

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Primary CategorySafety & Security Equipment Sales/Maintenance
BETAHON  Security & Safety System Import Application  and Consultancy Enterprise

BETAHON  Security & Safety System Import, Application and Consultancy Enterprise is importer of renowned and qualify security products from European and American companies with more than 40 years of quality performance and acceptance throughout the world.

Our company offers a range of simple, efficient and cost effectiveengineering solutions in the ever-changing security and protection environment. In addition to this, our company also gives consultancy and physical security services. Reliable security, efficient management and solutions are tailored according to client's individual need in the most effective and cost efficient manner possible.

BETAHON has established itself as a primary East African provider of advanced security solutions and consulting service with more than two years of experience in the field of security. BETAHON represent some of the leading military and defiance manufactures in Israel, with proven experience of supplying to governmental, non governmental,  paramilitary organizations and private/public security compaies.

BETAHON offers a comprehensive solution portfolio through six dedicated units specializing in security, safety, traffic management, electro mechanical engineering, environmental technologies and communications. Headed by leading experts, all of our units maintain specific domain know-how enabling us to deliver the very best technological solutions in each area. At the same time, by bringing the six units under one umbrella, BETAHON creates synergies across the company, guaranteeing that our clients enjoy the most powerful and cost-effective end-to-end solutions available.


BETAHON offers an array of cutting-edge fire and gas detection and extinguishing solutions. From flame and aspiration smoke detection (ASD) to water, foam, powder and hi-fog Protection systems, our solutions cover the full range of safety challenges encountered by organizations today. Our solutions are in line with the latest standards and include comprehensive safety training, consulting and delivery based on our customers unique specifications.


When it comes to traffic management, BETAHON offers an array of leading integrated solutions. Based on the market's most technologically advanced products, our traffic control offering are highlighted by BETAHON's Smart City solution, a comprehensive traffic supervision system for municipalities. In addition, we develop, supply and maintain billing solutions, toll, traffic light/highway /tunnel control, and computerized road sign systems, as well as command-and-control centers for traffic management. Our end- to-end traffic control offering also includes consultation services, planning and post-implementation engineering support.


• Door for life
• Security door
• High security door
• Decorative security door
• Fire resistance door (30,45 & 60 min)
• Ballistic resistance door
• Bullet resistance door
• Different kinds of locking systems
• Integrated access control system
• High security bollards
• Road blocks
• Arm barrios
• High security arm barrios
• Electrical arm barrios
• El-90 concrete weight arm barrios
• Spick system
• Security gate
• Security turn style
• Modular physical barriers
• Modular vehicles barriers
• Modula vehicles & crewed barriers
• Humidity controlled dry storage facilities
• Building safety system
• Bank tailors
• Different bank tailors
• Bullet resistance glass
• Blast resistance glass
• Force entry resistance glass
• Secured your new or fixed bank tailors
• Bullet resistance glass laminating
• Blast resistance glass laminating
• Force entry resistance glass laminating
• Perimeter security & servlance system
• Cctv cameras
• Ipdis cameras
• Pt domes cameras
• Bollard & spike
• Emergency alarm system
• Surveillance
• Arm brayer
• Metal detector
• X-ray
• Security consultancy and training.
• Security alarm detector
• Safety alarm detector
• All-in-one professional grade
• Wireless security


Security BETAHON is a provider of perimeter security and defense solutions, out of range of security projects, including the deployment of large-scale and sophisticated border, security agency, safe city, airport, seaport, train terminal, prison, and public - sector compound systems. Featuring BETAHON's unique expertise integrating diverse, access control systems, sensors, radar arrays, electronic fences and night vision systems, our security offering includes some of today's most advanced solutions including biometry and video analysis systems. BETAHON offers security consultancy services for those who are seeking to reduce the risk of a terrorist, theft & burglary attacks and limit the damage an attack might cause.
BETAHON provides protective security advice to those who own, operate, manages;

• Governmental and non-governmental institution
• Hotels
• Residential areas
• Schools and university campuses
• Construction sites
• Airport & airport aviation seaports
• Oil & gas installations
• Hospitals & medical centers
• Logistics centers
• Telecommunications & media,
• Financial institutions,
• Ware houses
• Gas station
• Malls & shopping centers



Today's homeowners want much more than a monitored security system. They want a system that can alert them - wherever they are at home or away - in the event of burglary, fire or flood, or a medical emergency involving a home-bound family member. With BETAHON market-leading range of wireless and wired accessories, provides homeowners with a comprehensive blanket of security, safety and control covering all aspects of home protection - to safeguard everyone at home, as well as the building and contents. Security professionals can offer a full range of wireless accessories that work seamlessly with the control panel to ensure timely detection and alert of virtually any kind of risk to the home and people in it.

Our client commitment is far from over once a project is up and running. Whether remotely responding to urgent service calls or sending trained personnel on site to address complex issues, Customer support is one of BETAHON's key values.

  • To secure operations against possible threats, in a cost effective manner while insuring that;
  • All routine activates continue to run smoothly efficiently and with minimal disruption. Giving a solution by importing security items like high security doors, fire proof doors, partition, bullet proof doors, bullet proof tellers, CCTV cameras and general security tools.
  • Ever since the start of our operation, we believe the management from ground up guarantees better control and performance. Whenever necessary, BETAHON managers are always first to be present on the spot, regardless of the condition and difficulties, and working around the clock while problems are resolves on real- time basis.
  • To play a role in standard of service of safety, security with the supply of effective and efficient equipment and standardized consultancy.
  • To supply security, equipment & training based on the request /demand of our clients in dependablemanner and accordingly to supply adequate skilled work force capable of safe guarding the well being of human life and property.
  • Complete range of market-leading accessories to fit the needs of every customer
  • To enhance people's way of life by increasing their sense of security. Our easy-to - use and innovative home security, asset control, access control solutions and personal emergency response systems are vital parts of everyday family life. By providing real-time connectivity between families, homes, property, care givers and community support networks, we empower people to pursue their daily lives with full confidence that the people and things they care most about are safe and comfortable.


For nearly two years BETAHON Security & Safety System Import, Application and Consultancy Enterprise is working with companies specialized in the development & manufacture of security items and we are proud to say that we are sole agent to import & distribute this security items in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Over the past 20 years the founder of BETAHON has worked in different countries governmental and non-governmental, private and public sectors and established BETAHON Security & Safety System Import, Application and Consultancy Enterprise in 2010. After building a good reputation for successfuly implementing security projects, BETAHON further expanded into into civilian activities through import of security items, installation and consultancy service.

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