Hotel Maya - Adama

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Business Type Private
LocationOromia / Adama, Adama, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryHotel
Hotel Maya - Adama


Located in Adama, Ethiopia, Hotel Maya provides superior service with competitive pricing. We are committed to offer quality accommodation and services to our guests. We strive to achieve excellence in service and standards.

Conference Facilities

Hotel Maya is one of the best venues in Adama to host your business meetings. The hotel’s central location provides excellent access to travel around Adama. You may choose from our four fully equipped meeting rooms that can accommodate from 20 to 70 people. Complimentary Wi-Fi access is available throughout the hotel. All of your audio and video needs will be looked after by our professional technical team to ensure that your meeting is productive and stress free.

Bar & Restaurant

We provide our guests with the finest cuisine in the hotel’s main restaurant, the restaurant’s professional chef uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients to create truly memorable and mouth watering European and traditional menu. The menu is populated with a host of pizzas, beef, salads and many more.

The hotel’s bar is the ideal place to enjoy a wonderful cocktail with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. The bars’ experienced and professional bartenders will impress you with their range of impressive drinks, sure to make you come back for more.

Other Services Provided

  • High speed Internet Access
  • 24 hrs room service
  • Laundry and dry cleaning service
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children play ground
  • 24hrs CCTV surveillance camera


To our guests

To provide all employees with a fair package of employment and a conducive working environment. This is done by recruiting and training employees who are keen to progress, willing to learn new skills and accept greater responsibilities.

To the community

To ensure each hotel recognizes its responsibilities and contribution to the community.


- To be the proffered hotel in Adama


There is nothing of more value to Hotel Maya than our reputation: with our customers; employees; and the community. As our company grows, our employees grow in their careers, and new people join us from outside our company, it is imperative that we have a common understanding of our expectations of behavior, not just policies and manuals.

The following stated elements of expected conduct and ethics couldn't be all encompassing. However, we expect our employees to conduct themselves in the spirit as well as the letter of these codes.

Failure to comply with Code of Conduct and Ethics may result in disciplinary action, which could include termination.

Underlying our expectations is the principle of integrity, in all of our behaviors, in all of our relationships. We must personally and professionally always be seen to be of high integrity.

With respect to our customers:

We will give them fair value in the market in which we serve.
If we do not meet their expectations we will not expect them to pay for the services rendered, rather we will endeavor to motivate them to give us the opportunity to exchange their confidence in Hotel Maya
We will look at each customer as a potential long-term relationship for our group and endeavor to earn their loyalty through quality service and experiences.

With respect to our employees:

  • We will respect them as individuals in the belief that all employees want to do a good job, and it is our responsibility as leaders to provide the environment, processes and motivation to enable them to fulfill their potential.
  • We will provide staff facilities that are pleasing and have high quality, as deserving for our "internal customers".

To the degree practical we will sincerely care for the total well being of our employees and their families in our health and welfare programs.

Honesty and candor will be practiced as we counsel our employees in their performance and job/career expectations.

  • We will offer career opportunities to qualified internal candidates and employees.
  • We will conduct ourselves as an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or sex.
  • With respect to our suppliers:
  • We will treat them with respect as business partners who play a vital role in our mission of serving our guests.
  • We will award business based upon quality and price without personal favoritism.
  • We will endeavor to create long-term "win-win" relationships with quality suppliers that allow us to enjoy excellent quality, price, and supplier involvement in continuously improving our product, services and profitability.

In respect to our owners (employers):

All decisions must be made in their best long-term interest as investors and providers of employment.

  • We will at all times be fair and honest, never taking unwarranted personal advantage of our authority and privileges.
  • We will recognize that as long as we accept our income from we owe our employer our best effort and a fair commitment of time.
  • We will respect the confidentiality and proprietorship of all information learned as a result of our employment, and undertakes not to share this information outside our company during, or after employment.
  • We will manage our hotel in accordance with the policies and procedures.
  • With respect to our communities:
  • We will be good "corporate citizens" through leadership and our involvement in civic and charitable organizations.
  • We will take a leadership role in every community with respect to environmental issues and programs.
  • We will respect the cultural and religious traditions of the region and the country at large.

Top rated customers of our Hotel

  • UN
  • UNDP
  • ILO
  • WHO

Ministry Offices

  •  Ministry of Health
  •  Ministry of Finance & Economy
  •  Government Communication Office


  • Frederick Ebert
  • MSH
  • Clinton Health Foundation

Human Capital
Total number of Employees

  • Male 63
  • Female 77
  • Total 140

Educational Level 1st Degree 8

  • Diploma 38
  • Certificate 40
  • Below Certificate 54
  • Total 140

Types of Rooms

  • Standard 46
  • Bungalow 48
  • Total 94

Exchange Rates

USD 38.6303  37.8728 
EUR 45.8773  44.9777 
GBP 48.9924  48.0318 
CAD 26.7486  26.2241 
AED 9.5169  9.3303 
CHF 40.5316  39.7369