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Primary CategoryLab & Quality Control Equipment/Supplies

JIJE LABOGLASS PLC is an Ethiopian importer and marketer of a variety of laboratory supplies in Ethiopia. JIJE also provides analytical testing service on soil, plant, irrigation, water, food, feed, waste water and solid waste samples, in-service training on chemical analysis and laboratory instruments, and maintenance, installation & commissioning service of laboratory equipment. The company was established in 1999,

Our product range includes:

  • General laboratory equipment
  • Analytical testing instruments
  • Spectroscopy instruments
  • Chromatography instruments
  • Physco-chemical measuring equipment
  • Glass and plastic wares
  • Miscellaneous laboratory supplies
  • Laboratory chemicals and culture medias
  • Educational training equipment for engineering and physics
  • Testing and measuring equipment

We import and market products from world class manufactures including:

  • Agilent Technologie:Analytical laboratory instrument manufacturing company
  • Buchi: Kjeldahl Digestion & Distillation, Separation, evaporation, extraction: NIR and many other general laboratory equipment
  • Passco scientific:Engineering and physics training equipment
  • ELEMTRON: Physco-chemical measuring equipment: Chromatography & Spectroscopy Instruments
  • Daihan scientific: General laboratory equipment
  • Regaku
  • Bellingham +stanley: Optical Instruments
  • ADC: Plant physiology Instruments
  • K&H, Edibon & Mesdan: Technology Educational Training & Laboratory Equipment
  • Glassco Equipment: Glass and Plastic wares laboratory supplies
  • Scharlab, CDH and JDH: Laboratory chemicals and Culture medias
  • Adam: Digital and Analytical balances
  • and many more

JIJE Analytical Testing Service Laboratory

Equipped with state-of-the-art analytic instruments such as, GC with FID, ECD and NPD detectors, HPLC with UV-visible detector, AAS Flame, Graphite and Hydride, UV/Visible spectrometer, Flame Photometer, Kjeldahl digestion and distillation, Soxhlet extraction, Refractometer, etc., JIJE is a pioneer private company engaged in providing commercial Analytical Testing Service on soil, plant, Irrigation water, food, feed, waste water & solid waste samples for the purpose of:

  • Agricultural
  • Nutritional and
  • Environmental study
  • Inspection

Our company create relief and confidence for:

  • Researchers, universities
  • Post graduate students
  • Public Regulatory bodies
  • Private and public large scale agriculture farm and Industries.

Mission & Quality Policy Statement

To provide defensible quality date, within short turnaround timely analysis of soil, plant, food, feed, water, and other samples at a reasonable fee, accompanied with best customer service, continual effort to meet the requirement and expectation of our customers. We see ourselves as part of our customer's team, providing products, know-how and developing optimum solutions to enable meet challenges and achieve goals. JIJE adopts the mission you set, feel your dream, share your challenges.

Chemical Testing

JIJE offers a broad range of chemical analysis services. For detail of specific services, please visit our website.


Dedicated, knowledgeable, professional, loyal and technically competent.

Maintenance, Installations, Commissioning & Application Support on Laboratory Work 

Purchasing quality laboratory Equipment is important things, but utilizing the instrument effectively needs wise decision. Make sure that you buy from the supplier who are capable of providing after sales service. JIJE Analytic Testing Service Laboratory works passionately to provide full technical and application after sales support service.

The service we offer includes:

  • Installation
  • End-user training
  • Application support
  • Supply pacts and accessories
  • Contract base preventive and corrective maintenance
  • In-service training for GC, HPLC, AAS & Spectroscopy instrumentation
  • Chemical analysis training on selected parameters

Quality Management System

JIJE maintains a comprehensive quality assurance program. Our company is also on the processes of accreditation by the Ethiopian National Accreditation Office.

Superior Customer Services

Contact us regarding your analytic requirements. Our accessible staff are happy to discuss your requirements and recommend an optimum analytic scheme for your sample at no cost.

Our Customers


  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Research and Development
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Conformity Laboratories
  • Manufacturer Industries
  • Public Institutes

Social Concern

We have special offer for post-graduate students. We consider that it is our obligation to support the effort of establishing quality educational system.

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