Open-Tech International Business PLC

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Business Type Private
LocationMegenagna Metebaber Building 7th Floor Office # 708., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation
Open-Tech International Business PLC

Open-Tech International Business PLC is a Category 5 engineering company in Ethiopia specialized in electro-mechanical installation works and electrical engineering services such as erection and installation works of power supply units, assembly of high-tech power and control boards, air field lighting terminal equipment and  electro mechanical equipment like X-rays, air conditioning and HVAC system and communication systems, consultancy services on power projects, supply and assembly of systems link power factor controllers, UPS, pumps, compressors, complete workshop equipment and electrical panels.

Realizing the need for expanding technical services in Ethiopia, particularly by the private sector, a group of interested and concerned Ethiopian investors and professionals commissioned a feasibility study on the establishment of private Technical Service that will cater for the growing need of such services in Ethiopia. The outcome of the study sufficiently indicated that the venture is profitable and worth considering with substantial financial and Economic benefits both to the owners and to the Government at large.

Based on the outcome of the feasibility study and in the accordance with the proclamation for establishing such a business, Open Tech International Business (Open-Tech) was established in 2007 and fully licensed to carry out Electro-mechanical installation work under category 5. The company is also licensed to carry out general import and foreign trade auxiliary.


  • The fundamental objective of the company is to be locally and internationally recognized as service giving organization in the field of electro-mechanical, electronics, communication engineering, medical and security systems and become leading partner to our clients in their developments. In order to achieve these objectives the company is committed to:
  • Study, Design and execute electro-mechanical Construction, Installation and maintenance works.
  • Provide high quality and practical support on electro-mechanical works.
  • Give reliable after sales services.
  • Ensure the availability of sufficient and genuine spare parts for the equipment supplied.
  • Supply quality and brand electro-mechanical equipment

Business Areas

    • Starting with Cable works, Open-Tech performs most installation works of major categories like erection of power supply units, assembly of high tech power and control boards, air field lighting terminal equipment, electro-mechanical equipment like-X-ray, Air conditioning and HVAC system and communication systems.
    • Erection of power Generators and Transformers
    • Solar panels
    • Electro-mechanical equipment’s
    • Home Systems
    • Panels
    • Industrial cooling systems
    • Air conditioning and HVAC Systems
    • Conveyor belt
    • Erection Power Transmission Towers

Open-Tech is building its experience in the consultancy service with particular emphasis on power projects such as feasibility studies, design, erection, supervision, project management and commissioning.


Open-Tech supplies power supply systems like power factor controller. UPS, Rectifiers, Pumps and compressors, complete workshop equipment, electrical panels, cables, electrical installation materials, etc. to industry, water, energy, mining, agriculture, public utility, health sectors, complete turnkey industrial plants, housing projects of various standards. Open-Tech have assembled and supplied various capacity power control boards for various industries.

Previous Jobs

Open – Tech International Business Plc, has successfully delivered many contracts and sub contracts for our customers. Here are some exemplary jobs that we had done so far:

  • Erection of 300kms of 33kv, medium and low voltage distribution networks
  • Erection of 75kms of 33kv, medium and low voltage distribution networks for

Sub-contract of Site delivery, site erection of various electrical equipment, testing and commissioning of:

  • Erection &testing of 15KV switch gear panels –12Pcs
  • Erection &testing of 15KV/400V Compact stations capacity from 50KVA up to 630KVA-2 units
  • Erection &testing of Transformer1600KVA-2Pcs
  • Erection &testing of Transformer 630KVA-4Pcs
  • Erection & testing of UPS 2x60 KVA ,400v with battery cabinet – 2 units
  • HVAC system for Building ,Fire Station & substation 01-12 units
  • Subcontractor for Building Electrical Systems Installation, testing and commissioning for a government university
  • Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of, mobile substation and power cables for Cement Bag Manufacturing Plant

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