MAB Alumunium & Glass Works PLC

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LocationNo.1: Addisu Gebeya road, Semen Mazegaja, beside Sheger Park, NO.2: Bole Olympia, on the road from Dembel to Meskel Flower and No.3: Asko Sansusi, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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MAB Alumunium & Glass Works PLC

MAB Aluminum & Glass Works PLC engaged in the import and supply of different aluminum accessories, in the production and installation of aluminum doors and windows to different buildings, other aluminum works, metal and glass works in Ethiopia. We are experienced in supplying and producing aluminum, metal, and glass works and committed to serving the needs of government agencies, local companies, and regional local Customers. MAB Aluminum & Glass Works PLC was established in 1994 (Ethiopian Calender).

Our company is known for its unique and new designs. Our computer aided designs has helped our company to deliver custom made designs based on the preference of our customers.

Aluminum WorksMab1

  • Aluminum partitions
  • Aluminum doors and windows
  • Aluminum skylight
  • Curtain wall
  • Aluminum display racks for shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, boutiques, beauty salons, cosmetics and mobile shopsMab2
  • Aluminum sliding and rolling doors and windows

Glass and Frame

  • Supply and installation of glass and frames
  • Photo frame works

We supply glasses with different pasterns such as wave, quadra, brono, pristal, diamond, ocean view, clear view and Ice glasses.

Types of glasses:

  • Ice glassesMab3
  • Mensula*
  • Stand Mirrors and modern mirrors
  • Smooth Glasses(White, Brown, Green, Blue)
  • Normal Glasses(Blue, normal)
  • Reflective Glasses(Brown, Blue)
  • Ocean Glasses(Blue, Green)

Import and suplly of Aluminum Accessories

We supply the following Aluminum Accessories:Mab4

  • Aluminum shelves (display, sheniz and dressing shelves)
  • Aluminum Hooks(small, medium and big)
  • Aluminum tension lock
  • Aluminum pins, handles, rollers, connectors(sliding and angle), arms(big, medium and small) display boards, screw heads, bolts(With nut, big tower, medium tower)
  • Aluminum Displays(Normal, normal with locker, bended, bended with locker, circular and square)
  • Rubber(Z-Rubber)Mab5
  • Brush(Normal, Water Proof)
  • Hingle
  • U-Taps
  • Curtain Walls
  • Aluminum Profiles
  • Aluminum sliding (Internal and external)
  • Ferma*(flat and oval)
  • Butter fly handle
  • T-connectors and T-crosses
  • Keys and Handles for aluminum doors and windows
  • Screw Heads(4.8*30, 4.2*30, 4.2*17)

Our company gives one year guarantee for any of the above work. In additions, MAB is ready to offer you a free technical assistance and advisory service for aluminum imitation and glass works with our professionals.

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