Aster Bunna (Ethiopian Coffee Roaster)

Phone +251 11 5159315
Phone 2 +251 11 500913
Mobile +251 91 1218908
Mobile 2 +251 93 0035049
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Sub City Kirkos
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryRoasted Coffee
Aster Bunna (Ethiopian Coffee Roaster)

Aster Bunna

Aster Bunna is an Ethiopian coffee roaster and distributor founded by Mrs. Aster Mengesha in 1998. Due to tough management and devotion to providing the Ethiopian market with the best quality coffees possible, Aster Bunna rapidly developed its relations with local customers such as cafés, consulates, private and government offices, and other organization that are passionate with the coffees they drink. Today Aster Bunna ranks as one of the most trusted distributors of quality coffee in Ethiopia, the origin of coffee. As such it would be our pleasure to be at your service!


The Coffees We Sell

Anybody can sell coffee but not everybody can sell the coffees we sell. We are selling the moments where time stands still as you delight yourself with Aster Bunna be it in the morning, afternoon, or evening! We are selling the heart to the moment you eagerly wait for everyday, your coffee time. So when you drink Aster Bunna you are not just drinking coffee, you are drinking you ‘redemption’! We roast our coffees in one of the three roast types: Light Roast: Creates light body and nippy acidity, for those who enjoy their coffee "tangy". Medium Roast: Creates balanced acidity and body, brings out the true flavor and characteristics of the coffee: for those who enjoy their coffee "balanced". Dark Roast: Creates heavy body and low acidity: for those who enjoy their coffee "black". At Aster Bunna the customer can choose to purchase the roasted coffees as whole beans or grounded beans. We also ground the beans according to the customers' preferences.


Tough Quality Standards

Maintaining tough quality standards is what makes us one of the best roasters in the nation. Our general manager Mrs. Aster Mengesha has been in the coffee roasting business for more than 13 years. Our employees in charge of sorting, roasting, and grinding the coffees have been actively engaged in the industry for more than 10 years. They have specialized in the art of roasting that is attainable only through on the job experience. To complement their skills we use the best German manufactured machinery in the coffee industry. In addition, we blend our coffee in a unique way to bring out the best flavor and aroma.

Giving Back to the Community

Aster Bunna is constantly engaged in giving back to the community. Since Aster Bunna came into business in 1998, it has helped the surrounding community by creating permanent and temporary jobs for more than 30 residents. It has also helped in building houses and laying water lines to some of the residents of the community. It is actively engaged in keeping the community clean and supporting the youth soccer team of the community which is fully funded by Aster Bunna!


Aster Bunna and You!

Aster Bunna is one of Ethiopia's finest coffee roster & distributor. We place high importance in getting to know our customers and their preferences so that we can satisfy their coffee needs. This strong relationship with our customers is crucial to deliver the "Perfect Cup". We look forward to serve you your perfect cup!




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