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AFRI Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC

AFRI Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC is a Category I design and construction consultancy firm involved in managing construction activities, providing trainings on Design and Construction Supervision in Ethiopia. It was established in 1983 Gregorian calendar and has been involved in the sector for more than two decades. The firm has carried out projects throughout Ethiopia.  Its clients range from private home builders, to real estate investors, to business enterprises and to government agencies.

Throughout the 29 years of service in consultancy services, AFRI CONSULT has acquired a solid base of expertise and the trust and satisfaction of its clients. The Ministry of Works and Urban Development has registered us as a Category I Consultancy Firm, as a testament of the strength of its organization and its track record of accomplishments.
AFRI CONSULT has currently implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) based on ISO 9001:2000, and has received its Quality Certificate from ZDH-ZERT GmbH, GERMANY. Our firm is one of the very few certified consultancy firms in the country. In line with this, Afri Consult has also successfully completed a series of intensive trainings on Design and Construction Supervision of Cost Efficient Projects. It has also completed trainings and Managed the Construction Activities of four University Construction Sites located in Axum, Nekempte, Semera and Robe towns for the UCBP (University Capacity Building Program) under the Ministry of Capacity Building, Ministry of Education and GTZ-IS (German Technical Cooperation).


AFRI Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC envisages to become one of the companies in the consultancy sector that customer totally choose to rely on for an outstanding quality of work and genuine satisfaction.


AFRI Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC duly work to assert that all the consultancy requirements of customers are met with full satisfaction. It also works to continuously contribute to the efforts of all other stakeholders of the construction industry towards implementing the tools needed to keep it in track with the modernization and globalization of the sector.


Following the great opportunity granted by the government of Ethiopia, Afri Consult Consulting Architects and Engineers PLC has set a short term goal of involving in this Road Construction, Upgrading, and Maintenance Initiative by expanding its current set up. It currently employs and puts into use the expertise of many qualified professionals. These include Professional and Graduate Architects, Professional and Graduate Engineers, Professional Structural Engineers, Professional Electrical, Mechanical and Sanitary Engineers, Professional Road Engineers, Professional Bridge Engineers and several Drafts Persons, of which some of the above are Practicing Professionals with qualified long term experiences in both office works and on construction sites. It would hence become easy for our firm to start rendering its services soon.

The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE), along with State Governments has recently released the Five Year Development Plan, in which a great deal of attention has been given to the Development of the Infrastructure Sector. The road construction and upgrading plan is the first of all to be given the highest priority. To support this plan, the FDRE has allotted Forty Three Billion Birr or over Four and a Half Billion US Dollars for the construction, upgrading and maintenance of over Twenty Thousand Kilometers of roads in the country.

The Government has clearly shown its desire to have domestic firms take the major share of participation in this initiative, by assuring to help them boost their execution capacities in whatever way is needed so that they would become the beneficiaries of the activities and would further strengthen their status for a better performance. Promises have been made and official guidelines have been set by the government, especially for Road Consultants and Contractors. To support this initiative, the FDRE has allocated more than One Hundred Eighty Million Euros for building the capacities of Road Consultants and Contractors when they fully engage themselves in the Design and Construction of the Road Sector.


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