Kotebe Metal Tools Factory under Nigat Mechanical Engineering Share Company

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LocationAddis Ababa, about 10 kilometres from the city center along the Road to Dessie., Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryEngineering Services
Kotebe Metal Tools Factory under Nigat Mechanical Engineering Share Company

Kotebe Metal Tools Factory (KMTF) is a pioneer manufacturer of factory-made hot forged hand tools such as pickaxes, pointed hammers, axes, hoe, spade/shovels, machete, hammers, sickles, crow bar, rake 10 finger, 2 finger hoes, 3 finger hoe, door bolt, pitch fork and cobble hammers in Ethiopia. Consequently, the factory has a number of strengths including goodwill and skilled manpower in forging, casting, die design and manufacturing and related areas.

Currently, KMTF is a manufacturing Enterprise under Nigat Mechanical Engineering S. C. (Nigat), which was conceived on the 7th Annual Congress (November 2002) of the Ethiopian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ESME), when member Mechanical Engineers decided to set up a company that can better utilize their capabilities.

In fact, even today, it is the only dedicated manufacturer of hand tools in Ethiopia. Nigat Mechanical Engineering Share Company is an Ethiopian company established in 2004. The company owns Kotebe Metal Tools Factory (KMTF) the former Ethiopian Metal Tools Factory (EMTF).

KMTF has also introduced roll forge technology in order to use low cost raw materials, improve quality, and reduce losses in material, energy, and processing time. KMTF was established by Polish and Ethiopian owners as private limited company in 1969 to manufacture various types of hand tools. The Plant was nationalized in 1975, by the former Military Government and put under the ex-National Metal Works Corporation (NMWC). The NMWC was dissolved by the current Ethiopian government. The supervision of the KMTF was hence finally given to the Privatization and Public Enterprises Supervising Agency until it was sold and handed over to Nigat Mechanical Engineering S.C. as of March 1, 2006.


The mission of KMTF is to competitively manufacture and sell various hand tools and other related products of high quality with the aim of contributing its share to the achievement of the objective of Nigat which is to give high value added engineering products and services at international standards.

Foundry Plant

KMTF has also established a Foundry Plant to provide the following services to our clients:-

  • Casting different spare parts like cast iron & steel iron
  • Jaw plates
  • Liner plates
  • Anvil


KMTF has the capacity to produce any type of hot forged and cold worked products of small to medium size. The major products of the factory are the following:-

  • Pickaxe                  
  • Pointed Hammers   
  • Axes                                       
  • Hoe  
  • Spade/Shovels                 
  • Machete   
  • Hammers                     
  • Sickles  
  • Crow bar,                        
  • Rake 10 finger
  • Finger Hoe                     
  • Door bolt                                 
  • Pitch Fork        
  • Cobble Hammer  


We also give the following Engineering Services:-

  • Die making & maintenance
  • Surface grinding
  • Machining service

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