Dream Furniture PLC

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Sub City Bole
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Sub-city: Bole, Kebele: 12/13, House no. New CMC Road around Gurdshola infront of ElforaHoly City Center Building 2nd floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryFurniture
Dream Furniture PLC

Dream Furniture PLC, found in Ethiopia, is a supplier of a wide array of office, home, school, auditorium, hotel, hospital and laboratory furniture and different kinds of colorful carpets to middle and high ranking customers using the latest machineries, equipment and tools for manufacturing and product assembling.

Our Products

Having established a solid technical base, Dream is successfully supplying a wide array of home, office, school, hospital and hotel furniture and carpets. We use the latest machineries, equipment and tools for manufacturing and product assembling. Our staff work  closely with our clients to fix our eye-catching furniture, which can be screen-printed on our entire product line, as part of a customer order.

About us

In 2002 families of over-seas business professionals eagerly embarked on the establishment of new furniture company in their native country Ethiopian. The recent governmental efforts in improve Ethiopia’s economy coupled with business incentives provided under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) were the key factors in the realization of Dream Furniture. The Process of building warehouses and sales outlets were completed at the end of 2009.

Dream Furniture’s founders received their business education and technical training in the United States. Collectively they hold over 50 years of experience in the western market. They have combined their extensive over-seas business training and knowledge of Ethiopian language, dialects and culture to establish a solid and innovative infrastructure. The merger of western and African business culture contributes to high quality yet lower-cost manufacturing attractive to over-seas consumers. Dream Furniture’s management system allows for streamlined delegation of functions and decision-making authority enabling swift decisions and efficiency at all levels.

Our team of managers who oversee the company’s logistics and other duties includes ex-patriots who have brought with them more than 50 years of combined experiences.

Our mission

To make each customer the focal pointing of our operation by ensuring delivery of high quality furniture and carpets. This is the main power that derives us in everything that we do. We will strive to provide the best products at the best price accompanied by the best services in the country. Being the best and bringing to you is our relentless pursuit.

Our Vision

To be a top-class furniture and carpet supplier, to win the respect and love of our customers and work force alike, to be recognized as a supplier of high quality furniture and carpet, and become the showroom of choice, as a leading furniture and carpet supplier in Ethiopia.

Our Values & Motto

“Respect the Divine and Love people”

Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.
Team work, initiative, focus in a diverse work environment where ethical treatment and equal opportunity are the foundation of our core value. Fairness and trust in a familial setting is fostered and protected. Thus, we deplore child labor.

Our Employees

Dream value’s its 50 plus employees. Ergonomic comfort and spacious work areas were a priority in its working environment design. All employees receive fair wages and a clean, safe and pleasant working environment is keenly promoted. This is accomplished through continuous employee training and education. The result is higher employee retention and productivity. Our staff is comprised of expert workers with a cohesive group of valuable skills, all who work hard to come up with new designs to match today’s trends and fashions.

Our Customers

Dream supply most of its products to middle and high ranking customers. Our products are shopped by various customers that always command ready sales. We work towards high quality products and good workmanship with perfect after sales services at a very reasonable and competitive price.

With the highly efficient service and quality products, our average turnover reaches ETB 25.00 million a year. In recent years, our turnover also has shown a steady growth despite global economic slowdown. This proves that the company’s operations are among the most cost-efficient with our strong financial back ground. In future, Dream Believes that what is of utmost importance is to strengthen the relationship between ourselves and customers, to understand their needs and to provide them with the best solution to meet their special needs.


Being a quality driven company, we lay massive emphasis on the quality of our product and services. Our products are noted for their quality workmanship. A lot of emphasis is laid on the designs, color and strength of products. Style is as important as quality is significant.

Infrastructure Information

To keep abreast with latest in this world, we possess a well equipped warehouse, backed by hi-tech management system.

  • Warehouse 1 ---------------- 2000
  • Warehouse 2 -----------------850
  • Office ---------------------------250
  • Sales outlet (Show room)-----650

Alongside, we have highly trained workers. We are also equipped with capacious warehoused that facilitate storage of voluminous stock to meet all kinds of demand eventualities.

Projects (Completed or Pending)        

  1. Amhara management Institute : Auditorium Furniture,
  2. Amhara Water Works Construction Enterprise:  Different Office Furniture    
  3. Ethiopian Air Ports Enterprise: Different Office Furniture
  4. Metals & Engineering corporation: Different Office Furniture
  5. A.A Construction & Housing Development Bauru: Wall to Wall Carpet    
  6. A.A Urban Management Institute: Wall to Wall Carpet    
  7. Addis Credit & Saving Share Company: Wall to Wall Carpet
  8. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: Wall to Wall Carpet
  9. Commercial Bank of Ethiopia: Different Office Furniture    
  10. Ethiopian Insurance Corporation: Wall to Wall Carpet
  11. Justice & Legal System Institute: Wall to Wall Carpet    
  12. Ministry of Trade: Different Office Furniture
  13. Ethiopian Revenue & Customs Authority: Different Office Furniture    
  14. Amhara Mass Media Agency: Different Office Furniture    
  15. Kotebe Teachers College: Auditorium Furniture    
  16. A.A.W.S.A Water & Sanitation Development  Rehabilitation Project Office: Auditorium Furniture    
  17. A.A Urban Management Institute: Auditorium Furniture    
  18. Bahir Dar University: Different Office Furniture 

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