Medicor Africa PLC

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Sub City Addis Ketema
Business Type Private
LocationPaulos Hospital, around PFSA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Medicor Africa PLC

Medicor Africa  PLC, in Ethiopia, is engaged in importing and distributing pharmaceutical Medical supplies and Laboratory related products from reputable suppliers around the world. Our company is among the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical products and medical supplies to governmental hospitals and health centers, private clinics, public pharmacies and nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s) throughout Ethiopia. Medicor Africa  PLC was established in 2006  by its share holders according to Commercial Code of Ethiopia of 1960 E.C.

Medicor has a well organized and dedicated professional staff comprising, pharmacists, Medical Laboratory Technologists, druggist and accountants to facilitate the company’s operations efficiently and enhance its standards.


Import & Distribution of

  • Human  Medicines (pharmaceuticals)
  • Medical Equipments & Instruments
  • Laboratory Machines related to Clinical and Scientific Researches
  • Educational Materials, Chemicals & Laboratory reagents
  • Establishing health service facilities such as hospitals, clinics and private drugs retail outlets at different parts of the country
  • Provision of wholesale and retail service in any kind of business/es found appropriate.
  • Undertaking Commission Agency service and act as business representatives for producers and sellers
  • Exporting local products.  
  • Establishing manufacturing units for especial products that have been imported & exported to insure sustainable supply for customers.
  • Engaging in any activity which enhances its establishment objectives and  participate in the establishment of others business


  • The Vision of Medicor Africa PLC is to be a renowned company with pride to its owners, employees and society making customers expectation and satisfaction the center of radiation of its continuously improving quality of performance by respecting the rules and regulations set  by the governing bodies in the area of its operations.
  • To contribute its part to fill the gap between supply and demand in development of the country.


The mission of Medicor Africa PL C is to mobilize all its resources and continue with healthy and ethical business practices in order to realize its vision which includes:-

  • Expansion of services in the Health by delivering best services and importation of latest technology to the country.
  • Adding value to our products by providing outstanding sales and after sale services which can achieve through our uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction & excellence.
  • Swiftly adopting business practices & processes to the constantly changing markets.
  • Maximizing our stakeholders’ value & contributing to the social & economical development of the community by applying our group’s philosophy: “What is good for the community is good for Medicor Africa”.
  • Leading day-to-day activities to the direction of increasing market share, volume of business, wide customer base, wide branch net work, asset size & capital base and creating strong relationships with internationally acclaimed (highly praised) companies.


Establishing business enterprises (Venture) into value added services.


Medicor Africa   PLC believes in business principles that ensure survival & profitability. Hence, it is committed to conducting core (shared) values in its day-to-day business. Thus it stands for quality, ready to learn, working to ensure the existence of unparalleled customer satisfaction, believing that is employers are its value assets, giving equal opportunity to employees, up-holding transparency, accountability & professionalism, and corporate citizen.

  • Customers: Customers are the most important assets. Continuously revises the service, products & technology amplifications and employees attitude towards customers with a view to securing maximum customer satisfaction.
  • Employees: quality of customer service is possible only through motivated & skilled employees. To these end, Medicor Africa is highly concerned for the well being of its employees. It tries to develop a work force that enjoys working for & prides itself in associating with the Medicor Africa.
  • The Public: This Company believes that Success always emanates from the efforts of continuously exert on securing reliability & public confidence from the community at large.


Medicor Africa PLC in addition to its trading activities also provides Commission Agent services.

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