Pramukh Agro Industries PLC

Phone +251 11 8608227
Phone 2 +251 11 6670195
Phone 3 +251 11 16520446
Fax +251 11 6670187
Mobile +251 91 1238376
Sub City Bole Sub City
Business Type Private
LocationK-03/05, Bole Sub City, Next to Grand Guest House,, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySoya Bean/ Milk/Flour/ Etc
Pramukh Agro Industries PLC

Pramukh Agro Industries PLC is a part of Export Trading Group of Companies ( ETG ). The company has a very modest beginning in the year 2012. Mindful of Africa’s nutritional challenges, ETG has initiated a project to decrease dependence upon starch by substituting soya crops – a valuable source of protein, demonstrating our constant and over-riding desire to facilitate and improve quality of life. We wish to make a real difference in Africa – in the lives of her farmers, her economies and her peoples. To this end, ETG is dedicated and committed to open state of the art modern soya crop processing plant here, in Ethiopia and other African countries.

As part of its social responsibility commitment, ETG provides high quality, cost effective protein sourced to many African communities through the production of a protein rich corn-soy blend and soy pieces. These products are sold at very reasonable prices and helped reduce malnutrition amongst poverty stricken parts of the African population. The corn-soy blend, which is a world Food program approved commodity, is produced from a blend of maize, soya bean, sugar, vitamins and minerals whereas tasty soy pieces(TSP) is made from soya bean extrusion. Both of these commodities in initial phase will be produced for local market only. The Group has established similar plants in Zambia, Malawi and Uganda too.

Export Trading Group owns and manages the most vertically integrated agriculture supply chain on the African Sub continent with operations spanning in procurement, processing, warehousing, distribution and merchandising. In addition to EGT’s presence in more than 30 African countries, it is actively present in North America, India, China, and South East Asia.

With a vision of becoming the leading supplier of African agricultural products to the world, ETG strives to play a key role in enhancing the continent’s growth through the global marketing of its locally produced commodities.

ETG creates employment in the countries in which it is active and open market opportunities in the regions previously inaccessible to small-scale farmers. By investing in processing plants, the Group not only provides jobs for local communities, but also adds value to the commodities procured. This means, furthermore, that ETG stimulates foreign revenue inflows into countries where the Group is present and active.

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