A.S.K International Trading PLC

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Sub City Akaki Kaliti
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LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryCoffee
A.S.K International Trading PLC

A.S.K International Trading P.L.C is a family business established in 1994 by the family of MAHDI’S in pursuit of undertaking processing and marketing all types of original Ethiopian coffee. The company  has become one of the most reputable and reliable in the export of high quality Ethiopian coffee in short span of time.

A.S.K International Trading P.L.C has sister companies all engaged in coffee processing, cleaning, grading and these are:

  • Kolla 1 Trading Co. (has 2 coffee processing plants),
  • Sami Washing Station,
  • Konga Washing Station and Kolla 2 (Bereda).  

The Washing Stations produce high quality washed coffee of Sidamo and Yirgacheffee.



Processing our own Coffees at Origin is our policy, which have created a supporting backward linkage towards our export. Kolla Pvt Ltd (Wendo District) is known for its preparation of washed Arabica Sidamo Organic certified by “Ecocert SAF – 32600”.and  certified Rainforest Alliance Coffee  as well. Another washed processing plants at Dilla Kolla 2 (Bereda Amba Plant) produces considerable quantities of washed sidamo coffee. In a similar fashion, in Jimma Zone, Maana District with our Co-partner Jihad- totally certified Rainforest Alliance is part of our production. Nevertheless, Konga Caf, well known for producing Yirgachefe is also our integrated part in our operation at origin.

The coffee is cultivated without using neither chemical fertilizer nor insecticide and similarly it is produced in Sustainable Agricultural System, where it takes into account the Social, economic aspects. The water used for the preparation is well treated and managed. The processing system avoids any contamination of farms.


Our organization apart from its well disciplined and skilled manpower is equipped with the latest generation Cimberia-Heid-Kaack coffee processing plant located in Addis Ababa. It has the capacity of of 3.5 tons per hour. With its 8 coffee sorting tables 320 hand-picker girls are engaged in 8 hours or 1 shift time. Normally, the plant operates in two shifts, and during pick season it runs through out the 24 hours.

We keep coffee in stock in 2 warehouses, which totally accommodate more than 2500 tons. The warehouses are clean, with enough lighting and ventilation system.


Quality being our priority, a unit is organized with independent say facilitated with laboratory for cupping purpose. The quality of the exportable coffee is verified before it is shipped.


Our company owns 10 trucks of 40 tons capacity each, which are mainly utilized to transport our exportable coffees to the port of Djibouti. The system ensure safety, save time and immediate catch-up with steamers at the port.


Our company operates within the same compound of our processing plant, with offices equipped well, and staffed with experienced man power.The Logistic , Export, Administration, Accounts, Material, and Management Departments works hand-to-hand in all activities to run the company smoothly.


ASK International Trading offers the soul of the best Ethiopian Arabica coffee.
Chosen by nature, Arabica coffee has been growing wild in the Ethiopia forests for thousand of years. More than any country, Ethiopia has a broad genetic diversity among its coffee. Nine different beans varieties are cultivated in four growing areas, all with distinctive taste, size, shape and color.

The company deals in export of different types of coffee beans strictly adhering to international quality standards, insuring prompt shipment and maintaining customers’ delivery schedule in desire to win customer confidence.

The company takes the following procedures before it export coffee beans:

  • check green and cup qualities to meet export standards and qualities.
  • check the origin coffee character.
  • keep reputation and credibility of Ethiopian coffee beans in the global environment.
  • protect the interest of the international clients.


This is produced in the eastern highlands of Ethiopia. The bean from this region  is medium in size, greenish-yellowish in color.  It has medium acidity, full body, and distinctive mocha flavor.

The company has a well organized office in Dire Dawa, a market center of coffee. The quality Harar coffee been is mainly destined to the Middle East countries.


This is produced in Western Ethiopia. The beans are medium-to-bold, greenish-brownish in color.  It is known for its fruity taste. It has  good acidity and body.

The share of this coffee from to the total coffee exported has been quite significant as this type of coffee has more or less the same characteristic to the popularly known Djimmah coffee.

Natural sun-dried beans are purchased by the agents based in Dembi Dolo, West Wellaga, where it is also hulled, and sorted before it is transported to Addis Ababa.

Major buyers of Lekempti  G 4 or G 5 are from Europe and Japan.


This is known for its spicy and winy flavor and attracts many roasters, especially in Europe and the USA. It has good acidity and body.

The unwashed coffee gives Djimmah-4 or 5, with fair light acidity, good body and fair average quality.
Although the company procures its conventional washed Limu and natural Djimmah coffee from other reliable agents capable of supplying  good quality coffee beans.  However, we undertaken Rain-forest Alliance project in particular with the company’s partner -  Jihad Mohamed, a long time partner.

All coffee processing activities for producing washed Limu and unwashed Natural Djimmah, of Rain-forest Alliance Certified coffee is conducted  in Jimma Zone, Maana District, in Haro Farmers’ Association.  The company is certified with 678 small growers supply, and  managed to become the First Holder of Rain-forest Alliance Certificate, for the first time in Africa. The certified farms  are specifically located  at the  BIRTH  PLACE  OF ARABICA  COFFEE – ie. At Gube Bosoka, Gurudo and Tchoche.


This has a medium sized bean, greenish-greyish in color.  Sidamo washed coffee, known for its balanced taste and good flavor, is called sweet coffee. It has fine acidity and good body, and is produced in the southern part of Ethiopia. The unwashed Sidamo is very popular in Japan because of its mocha flavor. 
The sister Companies - Kolla 1-Aleta Wondo District, Kolla 2-Dilla District and Sami Washed Coffee Plant are under the management of the company they are producing Washed Sidamo coffee.  They secure partial of export requirement of washed Sidamo Cofee.

Kolla 1-Aleta Wondo District plant is certified Organic and Rain-forest Alliance. It has incorporated 4500 small growers in line with the underlined policy of the company in desire to supporting small growers and actively participate in development of social  well being.  


This type of coffee beans  have intense flavor known as flora. It is one of the best highland grown washed coffee.  It has fine acidity and rich body.

Konga café washed Yirgachefe coffee processing plant is located in Southern of Ethiopia.  It is specifically situated near Yirgachafe town on the main road to Kenya.  

This plant produces the finest Yirgachefe G 2 coffee. It produces quality coffee and exported to prominent coffee houses in Europe and USA.