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Steely R.M.I. PLC

Established in October 2004, Steely RMI PLC specializes in re-bar and wire rod manufacturing. It is one of the pioneer companies in the steel manufacturing sector in Ethiopia.

The factory is located in Oromia National Regional State, Bishoftu town, 45 kilometers away from Addis Ababa, and its head office is at Century Mall, Gurd Shola. Steely RMI has a well-built compound with an area of 139,375 m2 and open areas for raw materials and finished goods storage. In addition, it has spaces used for green areas, guests, stores, staff clubs, clinics, and offices.

The company's initial investment was USD 38 million to produce 120,000 metric tons of rebar. It completed the second expansion project in 2012 for USD 71 million, bringing the company's total investment to USD 110 million. As of June 30, 2022, the paid-up capital of the company is BRL 1.2 billion. The total asset and sales turnover of the company also reached more than 6.5 billion Birr and 4.1 billion as of June 30, 2022.

The factory installed advanced technologies like CCM, TMT, an automated production system (PLC), and modern physical test machines and implemented and maintained an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system to produce a quality product at a competitive price. The production capacity of the factory is 500,000 metric tons of grades 60 and 75 rebar per year and 120,000 metric tons of wire rod per year. The company also manufactures wire-processed products such as normal nails, roofing nails, binding wires, barbed wires, and mesh wires. APOLLO, the brand name for Steely’s products, is well-known among its customers and end users.


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We provide diversified products and services of superior quality and values that improve the lives of the nation.


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Core Values

  • Customer first
  • Priority to Quality
  • Integrity
  • Responsiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Safety First
  • Continuous improvement
  • Corporate social responsibility

The Management

Steely RMI has a strong and independent management body staffed with professionals from appropriate fields of study. The multidisciplinary professional composition of Steely RMI comprises metallurgical engineering, manufacturing technology, mechanical and industrial engineering, finance and economics, business management, marketing, information technology, and other related fields.

In addition to the board of directors, chief executive officers, and general management, the company has independent advisory bodies with high profiles and immense firsthand experience in different positions.

Employment Opportunity

Steely RMI has more than 2000 direct employees for its operation in production, Engineering, Marketing, and other support functions. Its basic Human Resources Management (HRM) value is ‘equal opportunity for all regardless of any difference in gender, language, and other personal beliefs’. Thus, it helps to create a healthy and peaceful industrial environment among employees’ themselves as well as with the manage- ment body, through transparent process of employment planning, searching, screening, and selecting, of its manpower. Significant numbers of Steely RMI’s employees are middle-level trained youths graduated from vocational and technical colleges on top of the huge number of lower level work force.

Laboratory and Product Quality Assurance Processes

Steely RMI is well equipped with chemical and physi- cal property testing facilities in its in-house quality as- surance department staffed with appropriate technical experts and necessary laboratory inputs.

As the construction materials produced by Steely RMI are among mandatory standards, the company gives a due attention for standard conformity before releasing its products to the market. Thus, every batch of pro- duction is checked for its fulfillment of standard pa- rameters in Chemical composition, Tensile strength, Yield point, ductility, mass per length, and other En- gineering criterion set forth by the national standards agency, and other international standard bodies.


Steely RMI is equipped with the latest Roll forming technology package, Thermal Mechanical Treatment(TMT), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Continuous Casting Machine(CCM), High load material handling system, Physical and chemical testing facilities, etc. Thus, it’s well installed sate of the arts technology has made the company effective and efficient in any aspect of productivity measures.

Production Capacity

Steely RMI has a 500,000 metric ton installed production capacity of rebar per annum with standard grades of 60 and 75, as well as 120,000 metric tons of wire rods per annum.

Raw Materials and Inputs

Steely RMI uses superior-quality imported steel billets for its grades 60 and 75 rebar and wire rod products. The billet is checked for its chemical composition before it enters the next production process. The company uses billets to make rebar with diameters ranging from 8 mm to 24 mm and lengths ranging from 12 meters per piece, as well as wire rods with diameters ranging from 5.5 mm to 14 mm.

The wire rod production process also uses the same high-quality imported billets, which pass the same testing procedure. The company also produces a high level of quality oxygen, with 99.6% purity, for its in-house usage.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Alongside its core business, Steely RMI is keen on carrying out corporate social responsibility work. In line with this, the company has participated in community support programs such as building schools, providing clean water facilities, participating in green legacy campaigns, and other philanthropic works such as supporting economically disadvantaged elders and children and providing shelter for elderly and displaced people.


Location: Gurd Shola, Century Mall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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