Steely R.M.I. PLC

Phone +251 11 4394295
Fax +251 11 4390651
Mobile +251 91 1212640
Mobile 2 +251 91 1237754
Sub City Akaki-Kality
Kebele 07
Business Type Private
LocationBishoftu (factory), Akaki-Kality Near Kality NOC gas station (Head Office), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySteel Products
Steely R.M.I. PLC

Steely RMI PLC is a private company engaged in steel manufacturing industry in Ethiopia. We produce and supply reinforcement bars, nails and wire rods to the Ethiopian market. The factory is located East of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State, Bishouftu town (also known as Debre Zeyit). The sales office is located in Akaki-Kality subcity, Near Kality NOC gas station.


The plant is equipped with advanced technology. It applies PLC (Programmable logic control), CCM (continuous casting machine) and full automatic cooling bed to produce high quality product at competitive price.


Plant A: 120,000 metric tons of grade 40 steel bar and wire rods per year.
Plant B: 150,000 metric tons of grade 60 steel bar and wire rods per year.


The major raw materials of the factory are scrap and billets.


a) Reinforcement bar

  • Grade: Grade 40 and Grade 60.
  • Available sizes: 8mm-32mm
  • Length: 12meter/piece
  • Special features: High strength, superior weldability and bending properties, better elongation, excellent corrosion and fire resistance.

b) Steel wire rod

  • Available:  For further industrial process or direct use in the construction sector   
  • Available size: 5.5mm-6.0mm in coils

c) Nails

  • Brand: Apollo
  • Available size: All size

d) Barbed wire
e) Binding wire
f) Galvanized wire - Different sizes
g) Annealed wire


  • We always care for safety and quality.
  • We produce high quality product at competitive price with wide range of application such as high rising building, dams, bridges, re-enforcement, coastal construction, underground/raised/platform, structure etc
  • We offer competitive price and fast delivery.

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