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Steely R.M.I. PLC

October 2004 is a historical episode that Steely RMI began its journey as a construc- tion steel manufacturer in Ethiopia. It began operation with an investment capital of 38 million USD,at a plant capacity of 120,000 ton per annum, which was one of the biggest capacities in the sector at the time.

Since2004 onwards, Ethiopian economy has been growing continually with significant rates. Thus, such significant economic growths in Ethiopian history motivated Steely RMI to labor diligently on its part towards fulfilling the booming national demand for construction steel products.

In line with this, Steely RMI built its big plant at 178,000 sq m,with full-fledged facilities in the Oromia regional State, Bishoftu town, 45 km away from the capital to the East. To the evidence of its sound strategic decision, Steely RMI could operate successfully in the last twelve consecutive years with solid financial and economic status.

Hence, in 2011 Steely RMI further expanded its capacity to 360,000 ton per annum with a total investment cost of 71m.USD. Since then, with more than 2000 direct workers, and 30 Megawatt electricity power usage, Steely RMI is producing its main products of reinforce- ment bars and wire rods of various sizes with the best grade steel. Its products quality are certified with appropriate conformity assessment agency. It also produces oxygen gas with more than 99.6% purity for its own usage. APOLO, brand name for Steely’s products, is well known among its customers and end users.

The strong management system, the state of the art technology, and the world class im- ported raw material, together with the well-organized quality testing laboratory abetted Steely RMI to stand upright year-to-year in the midst of stiff competition in the market with growing customers’ expectation for better service in ‘quality’, ‘price’, and ‘time’.

On top of this, Steely RMI is highly dedicated for corporate social responsibilities besides its core business. To this end, the company has been involving in establishing various so- cietal support programs, like Schools, Clinics, Potable water supplies, etc.

Thus, all these successful journeys of Steely RMI inferred as it would never stop before attaining its far reaching vision of being the leading steel manufacturer in Africa by the year 2025.


Steely RMI has strong and independent management body staffed with professionals from appropri- ate fields of studies. The multidisciplinary professional composition of Steely RMI comprises Met- allurgical engineering, manufacturing technology, mechanical and industrial engineering, finance and economics, business management, Information Technology, and other related fields.

The management and leadership of Steely RMI is well organized under appropriate functional and pro- cess unities, like Human Resource Management(HRM),Production and Engineering, Marketing ,Finance, Customer service, Legal department, and the like. On top of this, independent advisory body is embodied in its organizational structure which is composed of high profile relevant professionals having immense of first hand experiences at different high rank positions.

The principle based demarcation between the roles of the ownership and the management body of Steely RMI is among its best features that have been leading the company in the roads of success.

Steely RMI is at its continual improvement process through implementing various change management tools, like, KAIZEN, ISO: 9001-2015, TPM (Total Productive Maintenance), and others.

Employment Opportunity

Steely RMI has more than 2000 direct employees for its operation in production, Engineering, Marketing, and other support functions. Its basic Human Resources Management (HRM) value is ‘equal opportunity for all regardless of any difference in gender, language, and other personal beliefs’. Thus, it helps to create a healthy and peaceful industrial environment among employees’ themselves as well as with the manage- ment body, through transparent process of employment planning, searching, screening, and selecting, of its manpower. Significant numbers of Steely RMI’s employees are middle-level trained youths graduated from vocational and technical colleges on top of the huge number of lower level work force.

Laboratory and Product Quality Assurance Processes

Steely RMI is well equipped with chemical and physi- cal property testing facilities in its in-house quality as- surance department staffed with appropriate technical experts and necessary laboratory inputs.

As the construction materials produced by Steely RMI are among mandatory standards, the company gives a due attention for standard conformity before releasing its products to the market. Thus, every batch of pro- duction is checked for its fulfillment of standard pa- rameters in Chemical composition, Tensile strength, Yield point, ductility, mass per length, and other En- gineering criterion set forth by the national standards agency, and other international standard bodies.


Steely RMI started its investment with a 38 million USD in the year of 2002. After expanding itself, in 2012 it has reached at an investment capital of 110 million USD. The company is watchful for its investment decisions, and thus, it devises a dynamic investment opportunity follow-up scheme to redeem the future. Steely RMI always fore-see investment opportunities in the construction and metal engineering sector with the principle of forward and backward linkage to its existing businesses.

Power and Energy Management

teely RMI uses a total of 30 MW for its production and office operations. It implemented states of the art energy management techniques by installing power factor corrector, and other energy economizer technology which conserve waste energy for further usage. By doing so, it minimizes its energy cost, and reduces the negative impact on the national power grid system.


Steely RMI is equipped with the latest Roll-form- ing technology package, Thermal Mechanical Treat- ment(TMT), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Continuous Casting Machine(CCM), High load ma- terial handling system, Physical and chemical testing facilities, etc. Thus, its well installed sate of the arts technology has made the company effective and effi- cient in any aspect of productivity measures.

Production Capacity

Steely RMI has over 360,000 ton per annum installed production ca-pacity of rebar and wire rods with standard Grade of 60 and 75.

Raw Materials and Inputs

Steely RMI uses superior quality imported Steel billets for its grade 60 and 75 Rebar and Wire rod products. The billet is checked for its chemical Com- position before it enters into further production pro- cess. The company uses billets to produce rebar with in size range of 8mm-24mm diameter, and length of 12meters each piece; and wire rod of diameters 5.5mm to 14mm.
The Wire rode production process is also uses same high quality imported billets which passes the same testing procedure. The company also produces high level of quality oxygen, with 99.6% purity, for its in- house usage.

Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Besides its core business, Steely RMI is keen for corporate social responsibility. In line with this, the com- pany has engaged in societal support programs by building Schools, Clean water facilities, Afforestation campaigns, and Road construction by allocating significant amount of money .The Company is also supporting different schools consistently by availing school materials and other basic physiological needs for needy students. It is also helping needy people supported by different aiding foundations, like Mekodoniya, Mary joy, Niya foundation, GeteSemani, Yewedekutin Ansu, Medhanialem Child, and others, charity organizations.

Looking Forward

Metal and Engineering sector is one of the priority investment areas within the national strategic frame- works of both Import substitution and Export promotion outlooks.

In line with this, Steel RMI is always looking forward to invest in appropriate investment opportunities based on extensive techno-economic feasibility studies which the company has been often undertaking through local and international consulting firms in the sector.


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