Amio Engineering PLC

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LocationGofa Mazoria Street, Fillya Building, 3rd floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryElectric & Electro Mechanical Installation
Amio Engineering PLC

Amio Engineering PLC. is an Ethiopian company engaged in the Design, Manufacture, Supply, and Installation of the service for Green renewable energy generation, Municipal water supply, Micro irrigation systems, and Industrial & Agricultural machineries & tools in Ethiopia. We manufacture various electromechanical equipments, import various electromechanical equipments such as Solar-Wind Hybrid System, Complex Plastic Moulds and Die sets and Micro Irrigation Technology in Ethiopia.

Amio Engineering Plc is a well established company in Ethiopia. The company established by two engineering professionals experienced in different electromechanical projects in Ethiopia. Both members & all company staffs have a sound experience in our entire sphere of activities, and also they all are highly devoted and ambitious to work in the electromechanical sectors so as to contribute their effort to the country.

We manufacture various electromechanical equipments suitable to enhance the water and agriculture sector as well as import various electromechanical equipments from abroad. We also manufacture plastic products manufacturing moulds and fabrications dies.


  • To become a world class Solar-Wind Hybrid System Energy solutions provider through highly integrated professionals and customer committed company in East Africa
  • To become Capable of Manufacturing Complex Plastic Moulds and Die sets using the state of the art Machine tool.
  • To become a lead Manufacturer of high quality and low priced affordable Micro Irrigation Technology and other packages.
  • To build capacity and export in large quantity affordable Micro Irrigation Technology packaging to African Countries.
  • To be an active role player in the network of development partners committed towards poverty reduction.


To ensure sustainable Design, Manufacture, Supply, and Installation of the service for Green renewable energy generation, Municipal water supply, Micro irrigation systems, and Industrial & Agricultural machineries & tools throughout the country with a special attention to Rural development by harnessing the massive renewable energy potential of the country so as to support the sustainability of the existing economic development through introducing and promoting renewable energy technologies through Supply of World Class Products and Appropriately Applied Technologies by our Committed Team members.


  • To give efficient, effective service to the people
  • To increase employment opportunity
  • To get profit for the owners of the firm
  • To save country hard currency
  • To improve the life of small holders

Company Guiding Principles

We are committed to providing a quality product, on time delivery, at a fair price. To accomplish this we must anticipate the changes that the marketplace will impose upon our customers. We are also dedicated to building strong partnerships with our customers.

We recognized that our people are our most important asset. We will honor our obligation to provide a safe, health work environment in which our people can reach their full potentials.

We will develop a supply base which shares our belief in the principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Without the support, quality products and services provided by our many suppliers we will not achieve the measure of success that we desire.

We recognized that we will be evaluated by the service we have given. Our services must represent the ultimate in value to our customers. Quality and workmanship will never be compromised and we will strive to always deliver products & services that meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

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