Addis Ababa Relocation Services

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Addis Ababa Relocation Services

ADDIS ABABA Relocation Services provides consulting and advisory services for foreign companies managers and anyone looking for accommodations in the Addis Ababa area. ADDIS ABABA Relocation Services answers all the demands linked to professional relocation. When our clients arrive from abroad or from Ethiopia, they wish to find accommodations, but they also have numerous questions they cannot answer by themselves.

Founded in 2013, ADDIS ABABA Relocation Services is a French-owned company in Ethiopia.  The company is registered in Ethiopia under the License Number: 06/1/5/32887/05


Temporary and permanent home search

  • Accompanied viewing of selected rental properties which are within the employee’s budget and meet his requirements.
  • We negotiate the rent, seeking to obtain the lowest rental possible.
  • Agree the terms of the tenancy agreement
  • Prepare the contract (we have an in house solicitor)
  • Engage an inventory clerk to conduct the inventory check-in.
  • Oversee the transfer of initial deposit.

School and educational facilities search

  • Make appointments at International schools
  • Give guidance on Addis Ababa private or state schools.
  • Make appointments for schools visits and interviews.

Orientation program

  • Provide a programme of guidance on social culture to individuals, families or groups
  • Ensure a welcoming approach giving in-depth understanding of all aspects of daily living in the Ethiopia
  • Cover class system, political overview, safety issues, transportation, business and social etiquette

Premier settling-in programmes

  • Arrange transportation from airport to new home on arrival.
  • Collect keys from agent and meet at the property on the move in day.
  • Attend the property to oversee installation of telephone or consignment delivery
  • Introduce the employee to Car Purchase/Leasing specialist to facilitate the acquisition of a vehicle.
  • Accompany the employee to local facilities including libraries, supermarkets, health clubs or crèches.
  • Help with the transfer of utilities and telephone.

Departure assistance

Leaving Ethiopia can be as difficult as arriving. Our departure assistance is to assure that the beneficiary has a smooth departure from Ethiopia.

Complete local information and helpline advice


Professionals - NGOs – Embassies

How we work

Your requirements – During the initial conversation we establish your requirements by doing a needs assessment and we look at the following:

  • Date of move
  • Viewing date
  • Location
  • Lifestyle
  • Budget
  • Type of property
  • What references you will need to provide

We will help you to

After signing a lease and moving in, Addis Ababa Relocation Services will help you:

  • Open a bank account
  • Transfer utility bills into your name
  • Set up both Internet connections, Phone & Cable TV.

Corporate HR

Development, mergers and acquisitions motivate companies to relocate managers, researchers and employees to new sites and new countries. These transfers imply high costs (such as travel, hotel, and temporary residencies) and require considerable administrative work that need to be supported by companies.

Furthermore, relocated managers and employees ask themselves personal questions:- How to adapt to a new culture?

  • How to find new accommodations and settle in?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How to find the right school for the kids?
  • How to open a bank account?

For the client-company

  • For the client-company, the assistance of a relocation professional results in lower costs:
  • Less airplane and car expenses: The extensive amount of research work done by ADDIS ABABA Relocation Services minimizes the number of trips made by the beneficiaries.
  • Lower hotels and restaurants expenses: Based on a tightly managed visits schedule, ADDIS ABABA Relocation Services will decrease the amount of time needed to find the right accommodation to a minimum.
  • Less stress: Last but not least, the beneficiary will be immediately available to the client company for professional activities

For the beneficiary

  • For the beneficiary we save time and costs and provide peace of mind.
  • He/she will be sure to find quality accommodations selected by relocation professionals and relieved that all administrative steps concerning his/her transfer are done by experts.
  • We save to him the concern of the ignorance of the market of the real estate
  • He/she does not waste time in fruitless phone calls and unnecessary travels. As soon he/she arrives, we will take care of his/her accommodations, schools for the children, administrative formalities and his/her settling as a whole.

Professionals, families: moving to Addis Ababa?

Exchange Rates

USD 42.1428  41.3165 
GBP 55.3106  54.2261 
EUR 49.4672  48.4973 
CHF 42.7198  41.8822 
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