Axum Tibeb

Phone +251 91 177 32 55
Mobile +251 91 123 72 94
Mobile 2 +251 91 1773255
Mobile 3 +251 92 072 56 54
Business Type Private
LocationNo. 1 22 Mazoria 100m from st. Gabriel Hospital, and No. 2 Bole Road Rwanda Embassy infront of Meskerem Pharmacy, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryTraditional Cloth and Decor
Axum Tibeb

Axum Tibeb is an Ethiopian business which is classified as a traditional clothes maker and supplier. Our main objectives is to provide customers with an authentic, light quality  and unique traditional custom made clothes embroidered and designed with unique and one of a kind Ethiopian patterns, Which are beautifully woven to satisfy customer comfort.

The ranges of Axum Tibeb products vary from traditional women, dress shale, tops with hood made patterns and embroiders In printed T-shirts for mens wear including Shirts, T-shirts Jackets and Coats. Axum Tibeb also designs weeding gowns special occasional dresses/vintage and couture dresses and men wedding suits and special occasion customers further more Axum Tibeb is best known for its children line.

The material and fabrics are 100% cotton and which Axum Tibeb uses as a main input for the design and fittings of traditional clothes is obtained from working in collaboration with the local /shemane’s / who are the prominent parts of the business.

Axum Tibeb P.L.C  which was established in 1994  E.C  took the name offer the famous ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia which is also known for its known Obelisks and churches. Axum Tibeb has three branches in the Addis Ababa area which are specifically located at Merkato the biggest open market in Africa, Bole which is now the central commercial district and 22 Mazoria.

The basic foundation of Axum Tibeb is to combine authenticates, uniqueness and quality for its customers. Axum Tibeb combines the needs and desires of its Customer with that of the current trends in the traditional clothing world. Axum Tibeb has over the year dressed many celebrates from the Ethiopian entertainment scene as well as global sensations like Oprah Winfery the world renowned talk show host and the famous adopted child of Anjelina  Jolie, zahara.

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