Abulkhase PLC.

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Business Type Private
LocationIn front of Cinema Ras, New Showroom at Wollo Sefer, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgro Inputs and Machinery
Abulkhase PLC.

Abulkhase PLC. is an Ethiopian importer and distributor of construction and agricultural machineries, SOLE AGENT FOR FIORI SELF-PROPELLED MIXING SYSTEMS IN ETHIOPIA, other machineries and spare parts, building materials, paper and paper products, textiles, food items, generating sets and electric motors, diesel engines, vehicles and spare parts, supplier and dealer of Bashan motorcycles and various types of vehicle spare parts.


Envisaged in 1988, Abulkhase PLC. along with its sister company Abadir Enterprise has pioneered the supply of quality materials and equipment throughout several industries in Ethiopia. Using the expertise that has been attained in the last 20 years, Abulkhase PLC. maintains successful supplier relations ranging from South America, Europe and the Far East.  Furthermore, Abulkhase PLC. a company devoted to the growth of the Ethiopian industry is an active owner in the Ethio-Danish joint venture of materials manufacturing and trading PLC., a company created to meet the local and global demand of Ethio-Danish.

With an ethics of providing efficient after sales service for all equipment and goods supplied through a dedicated staff of mechanics with a 60sqm workshop, sales executives and field trained professionals, Abulkhase P.L.C has been able to efficiently compete and establish itself as one of the industry’s market leaders. Moreover, through the excellent level of communication and relations that it maintains, Abulkhase PLC. is known for in providing the full range of parts and components of all the equipment and materials it houses under its portfolio. Its vast client base indicates that, Abulkhase PLC. has time and time again grown in reputation for the trust that it has established towards its client through its efficient after sales and ethical approach. Abulkhase PLC. to further its commitment to its esteemed client base and as a reliable supplier, it provides an adequate stock of all the items that it houses under its portfolio.


“Pioneering quality, reliability and efficiency in the Ethiopian market.”


“To become market leaders through a client conscious approach that ensures the provisions of quality products, sales and after sales services.”


A brief summary of the various products and industries we have been supplying for the last 20 years are as follows:

1. Construction Industry
Suppliers and dealers of: Concrete Mixers, Stone Crushers and Stone Crushing Plants, Wheel Barrows, Roofing Tiles etc.

2. Agricultural Industry

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Water Pumps, Irrigation Pumps, PVC Hoses,  Hand Pumps, Galvanized Steel Pipes, Foot Valves,  Agro Chemicals, Spraying Units, Knap Sack Sprayers, Tractors, Hand Held Tillers, Cultivators, Ploughs, Mills, Mill Stones, Sealing Machines, Packaging Machines, Hand Trucks etc.
  • Suppliers and dealers of: Grain Handling and analyzing equipment, Sieves, Filters, Scales, Portable Bag Closing Machines, etc.
  • Suppliers and dealers of: Hand held agricultural tools such as: Machetes, Sickles, Hoes, and Shovels etc.

3. Food Industry

4. Generating Sets:

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Italian, Chinese (OEM’s), Turkish, Brazilian Gen Sets of all ranges – (From 2 – 2000kva), in open or silenced options.
  • Suppliers and dealers of: Welding Generators, Standby Generators etc.

5. Electric Motors

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Italian, Brazilian, Chinese Sets. (From 0.5 – 100hp).

6.Diesel Engines

  • Suppliers and dealers of:  Single to Four Cylinders, Water and Air Cooled Engines of Italian, Polish, Turkish, and Chinese Origins


  • Suppliers and dealers for: Wood Working Machines, Industrial Machines, Air Compressors, Screw Air Compressors, Diesel Mobile Compressors, Oil Expellers and Filters,

8. Vehicles and Spare Parts

  • Supplier and dealers of: Lifan and Bashan Motorcycles, (125 -200cc) Tricycles etc.
  • Supplier and dealers of: Various types of vehicle spare parts.

9. V-Belts, Conveyor Belts & Bearings

10. Paper and Paper Products:

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Printing Papers, Photo Copy Paper, Ruled Paper etc.

11. Textiles

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Cotton canvases, Tents for all purposes.

12.Other Items:

  • Suppliers and dealers of: Building Materials such as Roofing Nails, Annealed Wire, Reinforced Iron Bars, Storage Shelves (Dixon Angle Shelves),Rubber Adhesives etc.
  • Suppliers and dealers of: Prefabricated Polyester Cabins.


  • General importer, whole sale and retail distributor of over 13 various categories of products.
  • Maintenance, and training services provider for the products and technology provided.
  • Exporter of various types of seeds and vegetables.


  • Year of Establishment: 1988
  • Paid Up Capital: 19,600,000 ETB
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Main Warehouse

  • Kolfe Keranio Sub City – provides storage, logistic and maintenance facilities.
  • Ayer Tena – provides storage and assembly facilities

Sales outlets:

  • Mercato, headquarter for logistics, imports and main sales outlet
  • Bole, show room, sales outlet and office
  • Habte Giorgis 

Client Base

  • Private companies, factories, establishments and individuals etc.
  • Governmental agencies, ministries factories, educational institutions etc.
  • NGO’s, Aid Organizations etc.

Distribution Strategy

  • Direct sales through sales outlets owned and run by Abulkhase P.LC.
  • Consignment sales through various re-distributors and official agents throughout the capital of Addis Ababa, as well as cities outside of the capital including Mekele, Bahir Dar, Awassa,  and Jimma.


Some of the features that have attributed to our success and credible reputation are:

  • Qualified salesmen with sales units at 3 locations enabled to provide top of the line sales and consultancy services to meet the needs of our clients
  • The availability of maintenance and training services at our main warehouse, has allowed us to service, maintain and consult on preventive techniques for all the products that we supply. Various extended features such as installation and commission of various products are conducted through our team of qualified professionals
  • Dedication in providing the full range of spare parts and required components for all the products that we supply, coincides in our mission to as a “client conscious” company
  • Extensive supplier database which has been compiled for the last 20 years, allowing us to provide customized goods and services for existing and new clients.
  • The provision of different warranties to products we supply. Our warranty ranges from the repair of any defects to a product to a full exchange
  • Providing various credit facilities as well as active consignment sales agreements
  • Delivery service to all locations throughout the city of Addis Ababa, without any additional charge.

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