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Zemilli Paint  Factory P.L.C

One of DH Geda's sister company,Zemilli Paint Factory, is a modern paint manufacturing plant designed and equipped with the latest high-tech machinery, process and quality control facilities in Ethiopia. The plant is managed with highly qualified professionals with ample experience in the paint and chemical industry. Mega paints is high performance paint designed for a wide range of applications and it is available in a broad range of colors.

Mega Super Paint
Washable plastic paint that can be applied to both interior and exterior wall. It is easily mixed with water and dries within a short time to give your house/building a beautiful look it deserves. One gallon covers 18-20 square meters.

Mega Enamel Paint
Fast drying enamel paint can be applied to both interior and exterior metal and wood structures to give a premium shiny finish. It is capable of resisting harsh weather conditions without fading for a long period of time.

Mega Mica
Magnified reflectiveness and longevity for both interior and exterior wall with added feature that enables it to be washed regular without affecting its shine.

Mega Alkyd & Polyurethane Varnish
Clear coating for interior wood furniture,wooden floors and doors.

Mega Anti-Rust
Anti corrosive primer for metal and steel structures available in a variety of shades.

Mega Quartz
Zemilli paint factory has earned the reputation as one of the premier paint factories, known for its extensive range of capabilities, qualified experience, and superior work force. It has now made its new
product, Quartz paint, available in the market. Quartz paint makes the finest homes and buildings look even more attractive. It combines elegance and durability. Quartz paint can withstand harsh weather conditions such as humidity, extreme heat and heavy rain.It can be used for both interior and exterior wall/ceiling. It is rest assured that it will retain its beauty for several years. This feature enables our
customers to save significant amount of time and money that would have been spent every other year for maintenance.

Mega Marma/Cera Coat
Mineral Plasters (Marma Coat & Cera Coat) are typically formulated for long lasting interior finish. However they can also be applied to external wall surfaces with the aid of acrylic coat to withstand weather conditions. Marma Coat and Cera Coat contain special rasin, mineral chips and other ingredients for extra durability, protection wash-ability and decoration.

  • Uses

Suitable for the protection and decoration of a wide variety of substrate concrete, wood, block works, gypsum boards as well as plaster and brick works.

  • Spreading Rate

Average 10 square meters per pail(20 liters) depending on thickness applied.


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