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Sub City Kirkos
Business Type Private
LocationKazanchis, in front of Zemen Bank Nega Mall Building 7th Floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategorySoftware, App, Website Development & Networking

CNET Software Technologies PLC is the first Ethiopian Software Company which pioneered and developed Enterprise Resource planning (CNET-ERP) Software as a Business Solution to domestic, public and private companies.  Since 2000 we are the largest ERP software provider in Ethiopia and authorized by Ministry of revenue and Customs.

Currently our company is powered the online Hotel booking website to provide online Hotel reservation and Booking Service to Global Customer. Our website contains information about all star and medium size hotels. Furthermore, the website will give you information about Ethiopia tourist attraction site, travel destination places and Annual important events in Ethiopia. Our online Booking System provide Global customer easy access to all Hotel in Ethiopia and can book online with high internet security.

Our website is the most user friendly and will make simple  Reservation  to  our Global customers.Our interface allows our customers to easily check availability of room & if room is available, then he/she can get room in the hotel. Securing accommodation in advance will make traveling very simple. Using online Booking user can save so much time for his/her reservation.. At the same time the user also can check room availability, fill reservation form and get reservation slip. Wherever you are, it is easy to reserve Hotel in Ethiopia.


  • When booking flights & hotel rooms our customer can often see all the available dates, the prices and options. That is not always told to the customers when booking in person.
  • According to the time frame it is fast and easy to book one with a credit card and the customer will be beneficial in his/her time schedule arrangement.
  • Reduced cost- the customer didn’t charge an extra fee to talk to the operators over the phone.
  • There is synchronization between the system and the web.
  • According to the security of credit card our website using PayPal system which is safe.
  • Multiuser – admin, hotel, travel agent, MCT etc….. can take the needed data from our website.

Our Online Booking is easy and accessible to all Ethiopian Hotel in Simple Way.

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