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Net Consult Consulting Engineers & Architects PLC

Net Consult Consulting Engineers & Architects PLC. is one of the Engineering Consultancy Service providers in Ethiopia, providing multi-disciplinary and integrated consultancy services on Engineering and Architectural design and construction supervision works. The company was established in the year 2000.

The firm is owned and founded by thirteen Multidiscipline Civil Engineers and two Architects on a shareholding basis. All of the Engineers and Architects are highly experienced and with recognized professional career in their particular fields of specialization.

Having more than 255 employees in Engineering and Architectural design and construction supervision works, with an annual turnover of more than 55 million Birr.


Since its establishment as a Consulting Firm, the company has provided the following professional services:

  •     Detailed Design of highway and bridges
  •     Construction supervision of highway and bridges
  •     Tender document preparation, tendering and bid evaluation
  •     Design review of highway and bridges
  •     Feasibility study of highway projects
  •     Study of rural infrastructure development schemes
  •     Design of irrigation schemes
  •     Design of water/river diversion structures
  •     Architectural design of different buildings and compounds of instructions as new settlement areas
  •     Structural design
  •     Construction supervision of buildings
  •     Material Survey and Testing facilities

The Company’s near Future Plans among others include:

  •         Participation in Hydropower scheme of the country
  •         Preparation of Construction Manual
  •         Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Management Plans
  •         Technical Trainings for construction sector professionals
  •         Design of water supply networks
  •         Hydro geological survey
  •         Construction supervision of hydraulic structures


  • Roads (Town Roads, Highways & Rural Roads)
  • Bridges (River Crossings and Overpasses)
  • Water Works (Dams, Diversion Structures)
  • Building Complexes
  • Railways

Major Objectives of the Firm

The firm has the following basic objectives:

  • Provision of required professional services for engineering construction activities
  • Working on Savings in construction economy
  • Adaptation of new engineering and construction technologies
  • Playing a significant role in national development



1. Water Works

Detail Engineering Design

  • Irrigation schemes at Tabias Hadush-Hiwot, Saz and Guilabena    
  • Relief Society of Tigray (REST) - Eight River Diversion Works    
  • Afar Region Water Resource Bureau- Four River Diversion Works and Detail Design of Four Diversion Works     
  • World Vision Ethiopia Kilte-Awlaelo ADP- Design and study of Irrigation schemes at Guahahterat, Aglua Sherafo    
  • Tigray Water resources and Mines Bureau- Ground water Study and Investigation for Hawzen Town, Dansha and Aurora Towns water Supply, Ground water Study and Investigation for Irrigation of  potential areas in Kola Temben And Tanqua Abergelle Weredas (110 bore holes) and potential areas in Tselemti  (55 bore holes) and Design of Hangoda Dam For Irrigation  ( 350 ha)

2. Bridge Projects       


  • Mekelle Municipality: Design of 2 Bridges 24m span each around Endagebriel church and five Bridges   

Construction Supervision


    • Bahir Dar Zema River Bridge Project
    • Wetet-Abay River Bridge Project
    • Arefa & Abaya River Bridges Project

3. Building Projects

Construction Supervision    

  •   Three Zonal Administration Office Building    
  •    Dohan Housing Project    

Design and Construction Supervision

  •  Market Centre Building    
  • Shire Vocational Technical School    
  • Mekelle Exhibition Center    
  • G+4 Office Building    
  • Three Halls    
  • Swimming Pool    
  • Traditional Restaurant    
  • Land Scape design     
  • Ortho-Physiotherapy Center    
  • G+4 Office Building     
  • Ayat 1 & 2 Condominium Housing     
  • Bole Summit (Lot1) Low Cost Housing Project
  • Yeka II Low Cost Housing Project   

4. Railway Project  

Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation and Construction Supervision

Ethiopian Railways Corporation:   

  • Lot 14:Robit-Hadisho Railway Project

5. Road Projects

Feasibility Study, EIA & detailed engineering Design,RAP & Tender Document Preparation  

  •     Link of Dalol to Abala-Afedera Route Project
  •     All Bahir Dar City Roads
  •     Adola - Melka Desta -Haranfema
  •     Debre Birhan -Deneba

Detail Engineering Design & Tender Document Preparation 

  •      Lot5: Zigem Bure – Yejube Road Design Project
  •     Iteya Robe Seru
  •     Lot 2: Arbgebya Junction-Washera-Korie and Gumer Shindi-Tilili Design Project
  •     Metema Abederafi Rural Road Project
  •     Tepi - Gore Road Project
  •     Diri - Masha Road Project
  •     Meraro-Shire Rural Road Project
  •     Enticho –Endagerbi Rural Road
  •     MekelleTown Asphalt Roads
  •     Buahit-Dilibza RR-50 Road
  •     Adidaero- Zelazi Road(31km)
  •     Lelaay-Hidug-Teregey Road (26km)
  •     Adihagery-Adiawuala Road
  •     Axum welelchila road
  •     MAYKADRA-kaftameasil-Sheglil Road
  •     Upgrading the existing Runway, Access Road & Design of New Taxiway, Apron & Drainage Line at Robe Town
  •     Upgrading the existing Runway, Access Road & Design of New Taxiway, Apron & Drainage Line at Shire Town

Construction Supervision

  •     Fincha – Lemlem Berha Feeder Road
  •     Contract 4: AbiAdi – Hawzen
  •     Contract 1: Abala–Shaigube
  •     Durbete-Kunzila-Dengelber-Gelego Feeder Road, Contract1: Durbete - Shahura
  •     Milamile - Mekoy RR-50 Road Project
  •     Durbete-Kunzila-Dengelber-Gelego Feeder Road, Contract 2: Shahura-Gelego
  •     Injibara –Guba RoadPeriodic Maintenance Project,Contract 1: Injibara-Gulback
  •     Injibara – Guba Road Periodic Maintenance Project, Contract 2: Gulback–Guba
  •     Mekelle-Abi Adi-Adwa
  •     Nazareth-Assela-Dodola and Shashemene-Goba Road Upgrading Project
  •     Nazareth-Assela-Dodolla and Shashemene-Goba Road Upgrading Project
  •     Construction Supervision of Arbaminch – Kemba - Sawla Road Project Contract 1: Arbaminch - Belta  
  •     Mizan – Dima – Boma Road Upgrading Project Contract 1: Mizan – Dima
  •     Mombasa_Nairobi-Addis Ababa Road Corridor Phase II Cont. Hawassa_Hageremariam Road Project: Chuko-Yirgachefe
  •     Aleta-Wondo-Daye Road Project
  •     Bedele – Metu Road Project (50.6km)
  •     Felegeselam – Ameya – Chida Road Project (57km)
  •     Guba – Begondi – Wenbera, Contract 1: Guba – Begondi (78km)
  •     Gelan I & II Condominium coble stone road projects  
  •     Mekele Town asphalt
  •     Periodic & routine Maintenance of Tigray Region rural and Urban roads
  •     Ayat - Yerer Goro School Asphalt Road Project (Pas1)
  •     SOS TAXI Terminal Begoadragot and AYEDR TAXI Terminal-Red Cross.
  •     Awash _ Mille Road Overlay Project
  •     Agula - Berhaile Road Project Lot-1
  •     Berhaile - Dalol Road Project Lot-2
  •     Dejen - Felegebrihan Road Project
  •     Adaba - Angetu
  •     Moricho - Dimtu - Bitena - Sodo Design & Build; Contract 2


Registered under the relevant issuing authority i.e. Trade tourism and Industry bureau the year 2000G.C, under trade license registration number 1084/92, for carrying out  professional consultancy services on Highway and Bridges, Buildings, Water Works (CAT. III) and related civil works, the firm started its business on the same calendar year. The firm has also obtained due recognition from Ministry of Economics and Development Cooperation (MEDaC).

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