Master Printing Press PLC

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LocationGerji, near NOC, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPrinting and Advertising
Master Printing Press PLC

Master Printing Press PLC. is one of the leading printing companies in the Ethiopian printing industry. We provide printing services such as books, magazines, labels, table calenders, brochures, wall calenders, posters, flyers, flip charts and catalogs, plate developments, annual reports, design and separation. The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Giuseppe Isac. Mr. Isac obtained his Master’s Degree in Heidelberg Germany and was one of the first founders of the printing industry in Ethiopia. It was later handed down to his son Michele Isac, who is now CEO and manager of Master Printing Press PLC. This small family business has grown to be an organization where multi-skilled employees deliver top-quality products with excellent services.

Master Body NL

The company is well known due to its reputation of being reliable at all times while providing top-notch services. Master printing has many persistent business relations with various organizations operating not only within the country but also a


1. Magazines

Let Master Magazine Print Design help you to develop a unique magazine that reflects your organization and delivers your messages with maximum impact!

2. Table Calenders

We can ensure you that our Table Calendar Design and printing services will help you meet all your marketing and advertising targets.

3. Brochures

Master Brochure Print Design Studio provides a striking and professional brochure with a combination of creativity, design experience, and sound understanding of the brochure objectives.

4. Wall Calendars

These Wall Calendars come in all shapes and sizes. Our team also prefers to incorporation the Ethiopian artistic culture in their work, with images of our national animals, panoramas and much more.

5. Poster

Our experienced and trained designers will design your posters with attractive texts, striking fonts, high quality images and graphics.

6. Flyers

  • We offer print graphic designs at affordable prices.
  • Flyer print design takes can be done immediately.
  • Modify / redesign fliers with 100% satisfaction.
  • We provide free images for flyers from our library by request

Our  Mission

We here at Masters Printing all work for one goal, which is to provide the client with high-quality services within the time requested. Our company believes in building strong relations with clients and working on expanding them. We constantly work on our ability to act quickly and efficiently on all of our clients’ requests.

Our Aim

Currently our main aim is to increase the number of clients, not only in Ethiopia but also abroad who are interacting with the company, while maintaining the outstanding quality of our services in order to meet our clients’ demands. Finally, we also seek to hold agreements with other mills and companies and thanks to the help of our professional working crew, we expect to meet consumers’ satisfaction.

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