UNI PLC (Furniture production in Ethiopia)

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UNI PLC (Furniture production in Ethiopia)

UNI PLC. is manufacturer of melamine laminated office furniture in Ethiopia. The furnitures are manufactured under its own reputable brand name "UNI Furniture". We provide different kinds of Tables such as Conference tables, round tables, work stations, reception tables, under tables, glass top tables, side tables, Chairs like pure leather chairs, Fabric Swivel Chairs, managerial chairs, secretarial chairs, guest chairs, high back chairs, low back chairs, medium back chairs, wooden Cabinets, wooden coat hangers and shelves.

List of our products:

  1. Conference Tables
  2. EXH Conference Table
  3. Set Mangerila and Conference Table
  4. Round Table
  5. Rectangular Work Station 4 person
  6. Arc Work Station
  7. Counter Reception
  8. Wooden File Cabinet
  9. Moveable Under Table
  10. Side Table
  11. Wooden Coffee Table
  12. Glass Top Coffee Table
  13. Wooden Coat Hangers
  14. Open Angle Shelf
  15. Presidential Pure Leather High Back Swivel Chair M3
  16. EXECUTIVE Pure Leather High Back Swivel Chair M1
  17. Pure Leather High Back Swivel Chair M2A
  18. Executive High Back Fabric Swivel Chair M1
  19. High Back Fabric Swivel Chair M2A
  20. New Model Executive High Back Swivel Chair
  21. Medium Back Fabric Swivel Chair
  22. Low Back Fabric Swivel Chair
  23. Secretarial Swivel Chair 202 W/A Fabric
  24. Secretarial Swivel Chair 202 W/O/A Fabric
  25. Drafts Man  Swivel Chair W/O/A Fabric
  26. LNO4 Managerial Guest Chair WA Pure Leather
  27. LNO4 Managerial Guest Fabric
  28. LNO4 Managerial Guest W/A Immitaion
  29. UT-300 Guest W/A Fabric
  30. Guest Chair  W/A Fabric M-1
  31. Guest Chair  W/O/A Fabric UT-211
  32. Guest Chair  W/O/A Fabric M-1
  33. Arc Back Guest Chair W/O/A Fabric
  34. Tri-Guest Chair  WOA Fabric

You can find the the pictures from the gallery.

Our manufacturing plant is located in Oromia region, Alemgena Industrial Area and Sebeta on 10,450sq meters area. Since, its early beginnings we have been operating as a wood-based panel system office furniture manufacturer.  In 2008, we upgraded our production facilities to produce our best quality and competitive office furniture. We are continuously upgrading our production facilities and investing in specialized furniture machineries mainly imported from abroad. We have also introduced automation in our production process to improve the production efficiency.
The focus of our design and development work is to optimize office space utilization to give comfort to our users. We offer open plan furniture system that is modular and flexible as well as providing ample room for user's personal creativity for further modifications by offering a variety of accessories, optional cabinets and worktops.

As a leading manufacturer of melamine laminated office furniture, it is always our ultimate objective to excel further from time to time so as to keep abreast with the ever increase demands for international standard and requirements.

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