Astunet Business Enterprises PLC.

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LocationBehind 2000 Habesha restaurant, Infront of Savor Cafe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgro Inputs and Machinery
Astunet Business Enterprises PLC.

ASTUNET BUSINESS ENTERPRISES PLC. works on Agricultural Development Projects in Ethiopia. We are engaged in consultancy service, project survey (study), site planning & field services, designing, supplying and installation of irrigation systems, turnkey projects, irrigation materials, filtration systems, fertigation system, climate and irrigation controllers, post harvest equipment & machinery, drippers, plastic pots and different kinds of commercial items for private, Governmental, and Non-Governmental Organizations in Ethiopia.

We provide all feature field services, irrigation expertise & services. Advices on the best material purchase of modern irrigation materials, filtration systems, fertigation system, climate and irrigation controllers, post harvest equipment & machinery. We also provide Agronomic support with local and its International collaborators, our engineers also give follow up supervision for its installed projects if there is a need to provide after sale services with our well trained and skilled staff; we also provide installation manual and on site training for the clients’ employees.  


We provide a wide range of service to our customers.  It begins from General -consultation up to complete management and production of Turnkey project, We have the experience and expertise necessary to accomplish whichever project from survey study all the way up to installation, commissioning and after-sale services.


We provide project survey when is required.   With its trained personnel and experience ASTUNET has the ability to support its clients choose an appropriate and cost effective crop and management, evaluation of location of the site, for its accessibility, availability of resources, labor etc…..


After site and crop is chosen, ASTUNET plans every step of the project including technical specifications, bill of quantity, Topographic survey, lay out design, structural design, water requirement, electrical requirement, etc….

For our Customers who require only agricultural inputs, we are available to supply the highest quality products and competitive prices. we also provide experts for upgrading projects, or upgrading mode of production. We have now so many projects on the pipe and already committed a Contractual Agreement with Galika Trading PLC’s Farm located in Alamata town in Tigray for 40ha interchangeable Sprinkler and Drip irrigation.

Some of our Projects

Though we have accomplished so many Projects successfully; the following are some of them.

1. Galica Trading Farm

Project Profile-Interchangeable Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Systems
Location- Alamata /Tigray
Irrigated Area-40ha for Vegetables

2. Castle Winery

Project Profile- Drip Irrigation Systems
Location- Zeway /Oromiya
Area- 124ha Vine yard

3. Addisfloracom

Project Profile-Turn-key project
Location- Addis Alem /Oromiya
Area- 7.4ha Rose Farm

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