Astunet Business Enterprises PLC.

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Sub City Bole
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Business Type Private
LocationBehind 2000 Habesha restaurant, Infront of Savor Cafe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAgro Inputs and Machinery
Astunet Business Enterprises PLC.

Astunet Business Enterprises PLC is a supplier of high performing, environmentally responsible agricultural systems and cold chain solutions in Ethiopia. Astunet works with small and commercial farms, governmental and non-governmental concerns to produce sustainable agricultural solutions which maximize productivity, minimize waste and are environmentally friendly.

Cold Chain Management

  • Cold stores
  • Cold units for all types of transport vehicles
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repair maintenance

ASTUNET is an exclusive agent of Geerlofs Refrigeration B.V. & Official distributor of Carrier Transicold in Ethiopia

Physical Water Treatment


  • Irrigation
  • Water Supply
  • Animal Production (Poultry, Slaughter
  • houses, etc)
  • Industry
  • Buildings and homes

Aqua-4D®: Use the right tool for the job

ASTUNET is an exclusive agent for Aqua4D in Ethiopia

  • Contributes to improve quality and yields
  • Has no maintenance or consumables
  • Respects the environment – pollution-free
  • Very low electricity consumption
  • Increases plant tolerance to brackish water and saline soils
  • Prevents crystallisation and accumulation of salts in the soil
  • Increases dissolution of minerals

GEERLOFS®: Seasoned experts in cold storage

Protect your perishables

Our Services

  • Installation
  • Preventive maintenance services
  • Remedial maintenance services

Carrier®: Preserve, protect and deliver across the cold chain

Keep it Cool

What we do:

  • We invent new and better ways to keep people safe, comfortable, productive and on the move.
  • We provide complete engineless refrigeration solutions using hydro-electric technology, High capacity units with low emissions.
  • We make sure you get all the spare parts you need for your Carrier
  • We keep a service and maintenance team available 24/7 for your convenience.

After Sale Services


  • Akseker (Alana Meat)
  • Lafto Roses PLC
  • Ethiopia Cuttings (Syngenta) PLC
  • Ethio-VegFru
  • Elfora Agro-Industries PLC
  • Sun rise Flowers
  • Minaye Flowers PLC
  • Maranque Plants
  • Ethio-Passion
  • Metrolux PLC
  • Florensis Flowers
  • Lame Dairy
  • Zagol Dairy
  • AB Plast
  • Lion Insurance S.Co
  • & Much More…..

Why Us

Inspired by the success of sun-drenched countries in the world which converted dry, rocky environments into rich, fertile lands, ASTER T. BERHANE developed her vision for Ethiopia.

She established ASTUNET BUSINESS ENTERPRISES PLC in 2000. A company whose primary objective is to deliver materials, install major irrigation systems and provide efficient cold chain management services. This is to ensure that Astunet’s clients have sustainable solutions which maximise production, minimise water usage and continue to be environmentally responsible. 

A key value at ASTUNET is that the installation of agricultural systems is completed in under a strict controlled environment with highly professional guidance.

Bole sub-city Woreda : 03 H. No.: 557
Tel: +251-116-627-967
Mob: +251-912-205-510 / +251-908-393-939
Fax: +251-116-625-171
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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