Heritage Printing and Trading PLC

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Sub City Kirkos
Business Type Private
LocationMexico, Infront of Temama Foqe, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryPrinting
Heritage Printing and Trading PLC

Heritage Printing and Trading PLC is one of the well known printing company engaged in sheet-fed printing services with prepress facility, press, post press, packing and distribution, professional design and professional printing services in Ethiopia.


The Basics


  • Pre-press
  • Press
  • Post Press

Beyond the Basics

  • Packaging and distributing
  • Multi-Color offset/in one time/
  • Consulting design
  • Custom design

Using Technology

  • High resolution scan
  • High Quality Color Proof we use Macintosh/Apple/ system to design On line services / send your document online/


  • Free Pickup & delivery send order online heritage express service


To produce, deliver and expand, sheet-fed printing services of uncompromising quality. Heritage printing offers a full service of high level practical experience, know-how, and a network of industry contacts, ensuring clients save money and time by allowing a printing professional to handle their printing needs.


Heritage Printing to become a trusted partner to any business wishing to obtain the highest quality of service, thus becoming the leading multi-color offset printers in the Ethiopian market.

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