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Heritage Printing and Trading PLC

Heritage Printing & Trading PLC is a modern commercial printing company operating in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Our company was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing the highest quality printing services, including promotional and advertising materials.

We designed our company structure with the printing needs of the local market in mind.
The key to our success has been the use of advanced technology, our customer service-oriented staff and hands-on management team. Whenever we begin a new project, we continuously strive to produce innovative and high-quality printed products. At Heritage Printing we believe that we cannot produce our best work without you, the client’s, input and we recognize that each project is truly a collaborative effort. With every new client we hope to establish and sustain a long-term relationship.
Heritage Printing welcomes you to our company, and remains very proud to serve the Ethiopian market.


To provide the highest product quality products and services, at competitive prices, andmaintain the trust of our clients.
We accomplish this through consistency, timeliness, and open communication (both internally and externally with our clients).


Our vision is to position Heritage Printing and Trading P.L.C. to become the leading printing and trading company in Ethiopia.
We know that our high standards and positive customer relations, will in time enable us to grow into the leading multi-color offset printer within the Ethiopian market, and potentially beyond.


Our company is a full-service printing company, with the resources necessary to complete all aspects of printing process from pre-press through packaging and distribution. Heritage Printing offers printing services for a wide range of print media, including: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, books, magazines, brochures, booklets, business forms; as well as, posters, catalogues, pass books, bankdocuments, labels and more. We also locallyproduce promotional and documents, labels and more. We also locally produce promotional and corporate give-a-ways, such as t-shirts, caps, mouse pads, mugs, scarves, tie, flags, billboard signs, and meeting roll-ups. Our services are inclusive of many different order sizes, ranging from small to large scale projects. They are made possible by our efficient customer service support and advanced printing capabilities.


Heritage Printing is a family run and operated business. We always emphasize producing individualized products of the highest quality. Our smaller size ensures that everyone is involved in the printing process, at all levels of our organization.


At Heritage Printing, our commitment to paying our employees competitive wages is core to our values as a company. We continue to hire locally, offering all our employees an opportunity for advancement, based on their individual achievements.
Environmental Sustainability- We continue to improve our practices to make Heritage Printing as environmentally sustainable as possible. The paper we use is pre-consumer recycled and responsibly sourced. In addition, Our facility is well-insulated and energy efficient.

Heritage Printing and Trading PLC is one of the well known printing company engaged in sheet-fed printing services with prepress facility, press, post press, packing and distribution, professional design and professional printing services in Ethiopia.


The Basics


  • Pre-press
  • Press
  • Post Press

Beyond the Basics

  • Packaging and distributing
  • Multi-Color offset/in one time/
  • Consulting design
  • Custom design

Using Technology

  • High resolution scan
  • High Quality Color Proof we use Macintosh/Apple/ system to design On line services / send your document online/


  • Free Pickup & delivery send order online heritage express service

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