Leed Building Technology and Trading

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Primary CategoryBuilding/Construction Materials and Equipment
Leed Building Technology and Trading

Leed Building Technology and Trading is supplier of building materials & equipments for state of the art building construction/ finishing in Ethiopia. Founded in the year 2007 G.C, the company is dedicated to serving the East African construction industry with modern technology products, equipment and engineering solution services.

Our company is preceded by its reputation for its Acoustic ceilings, Acoustic wall cladding, Commercial flooring, Sports flooring, and its Space optimizing solution by providing Europe standard office partition systems, Toilet Cubicles, and Public Seating, and Power Generation Sets.

Leed has also planted its name in the Energy Sector with wide range of Standby & Continuous Power Solution. Having been in business for 14 years Leed has over 50 staffs and has successfully executed over 80 special projects throughout Ethiopia.


Our mission is delivering high quality, simple and technologically advanced service in the construction industry pertaining to sustainable supply of building materials and equipment in line with Acoustic, Soundproofing, Energy, Sports facilities, Space solution, and Flooring.


Equipped with experienced professionals, our vision is becoming center of excellence in quality services & reliable source of engineering solution in the eastern and central regions of African as source of construction materials, advocating for high quality products and equipment for Africans with reasonable cost to improve the life style of the people.


  • To establish a trusted & reliable construction material & service provider firm.
  • To acquire valuable skill & experience development.
  • To ensure continuous growth and profitability of the company.

Products and services

  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Metal Ceiling
  • Acoustic Wall Cladding
  • Sound Insulation & Sound Proofing
  • Flooring (Carpets & Vinyl)
  • Office Partition System
  • Toilet Cubicles
  • Athletics Tracks
  • Public Seating (Auditorium/Conference/Cinema Seats)
  • Fire Rated Doors and Acoustic Doors
  • Power Generator Sets
  • Digital Conference System



Projects Portfolio










Acoustic Ceiling








  • Mineral wool/fiber ceiling tile (KNAUF Ceiling)
  • 600mm x 600mm
  • High sound absorption & attenuation


  • Zemen Bank HQ
  • Dashen Bank HQ
  • Oromia Cooperative Bank HQ
  • The Public Servants Social Agency Federal & Regional BuildingHQ & RB
  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Megenagna & Lideta Branch)
  • St. Gabriel Cathedral
  • Social Security Agency Project
  • South Regional State Police College
  • Tigray Stadium
  • Edna Mall Head Office



  • Addis Ababa Institute of Technology
  • Tigray Mass Media and Broadcasting
  • Education Bureau
  • Haremaya University
  • The Organization for Rehabilitation and Development in AmharaHQ
  • Ethiopian Talented and Gifted School
  • ICT Park
  • Oromia Cultural Center
  • Embassy of Republic of Chad
  • Private Organization Employee












Office Partition





  • Demountable sound proof system
  • Fire rated
  • No pollution, no waste, no welding.


  • Nile Insurance S.C HQ
  • PMO Office Building
  • INSA Project
  • UNDP Office
  • United Nations (ECA)
  • Oromiya Cooperative Bank HQ
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • GIS-GTZ Head Office


  • Ethiopian Leather institute
  • Gondar University
  • Mekelle University Cultural Center
  • National Electoral Board
  • Heinekens HQ
  • Nexus Hotel
  • Sorabmba Hotel



Acoustic Wall Cladding




  • Wood wool acoustic panels
  • Glass fiber reinforced gypsum plaster boards


  • Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Lideta)
  • Embassy of Republic of Chad
  • Oromia Cultural Center
  • Amhara Mass Media
  • Education Bureau
  • AdotCinema


  • Addis Ababa Institute of Technology
  • Tigray Mass Media and Broadcasting
  • EBM Multiplex Cinema
  • Amhara Credit and Saving Institute







Sound Proof Rooms, Studios &Cinemas



  • Acoustic ceiling &wall cladding
  • Sound insulation wool



  • Anti-Corruption Agency
  • East Africa Bottling S.C.
  • BBC Studio
  • EBC Studio
  • Zami Radio


  • Adot Cinema
  • EBM Multiplex Cinema
  • Afar Regional Assembly Hall





Metal Ceiling


  • Aluminum panel
  • 600mm x 600mm


Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (Megenagna, Lideta...)


  • Haremaya University




Toilet Cubicles



  • High pressure laminated HPL panels
  • Fire and water resistant


  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • Dashen Bank HQ
  • Gulele Botanic Garden


  • Hawassa University
  • Tigray Disabled Veterans Association




CommercialFlooring System


  • Linoleum/Marmolium
  • Vinyl
  • Carpet Tiles


  • Addis Ababa Institute of Technology
  • Adot Cinema


  • Haramaya University
  • BBC Studio
  • EBM Multiplex Cinema



Indoor & Outdoor Sports Flooring


  • Distributes high quality running track system.
  • 3-in 1 PU sports flooring
  • EPDM sandwich system


  • Ethiopian Youth & Sport Academy
  • Semera Stadium
  • Tigray Staium
  • RasHailu Gymnasium


  • Addis Ababa Stadium (Mini)
  • Tirunesh Dibaba Athletics Center




Public Seating


  • Auditorium Hall
  • Conference Hall
  • Lecture Hall
  • Cinema Halls,
  • Stadium Chairs and Airport terminal waiting area Chairs

Manufactured to European Fire and safety standards.




  • Hawassa City Administration
  • Amhara Credit and Saving Institution


  • Gondar University
  • EBM Multiplex Cinema
  • Haramaya University




 Power Generators








  • Wide range Generator set 
  • from 3kva up to 3000kva.


  • Ministry of Defense HQ
  • Ethiopian Space Science Institute
  • Addis Ababa Bureau of Education
  • Tigray Mass Media
  • Addis Zoo Project
  • Yekatit 12 General Hospital
  • INSA Headquarter
  • NOC Fuel Station



  • Addis Ababa Police Commission
  • Mekelle 3 star Hotel
  • Bio-Institute Technology
  • Tigray Development Agency
  • RasHailu Swimming Pool Project
  • Dashen Brewery S.c.


Email: info@leedet.com, leedcon.engineering@gmail.com
Mobile: +251 944 424242
Location: Ethio-China Friendship Avenue,
Kas Tower, 2nd floor,R204
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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