MAME Steel Mill PLC

Phone +251 114 39 08 96
Fax +251 114 39 35 85
Sub City Akaki/Kality
Business Type Private
LocationAround Kality, Next to CRDA, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryMetal/ Iron & Steel Works
MAME Steel Mill PLC

MAME Steel Mill PLC is a privately owned factory, established with an investment outlay of over 87 million birr, engaged in the manufacturing of steel tubes/sections since January 2009. The factory is located south of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, around Kality, next to CRDA.

MAME Steel Mill PLC aims to bring high-quality steel tubes/sections products to Ethiopia through the use of world-class manufacturing technology. Hence, our plant is equipped with the latest and high-tech Italian-made machinery.

Our Italy-made Tube Line Mill and Slitting Machines help us to manufacture steel tubes and LTZ profiles as per international standards and customers requirements.

We have also established a good relationship with the worldwide known and reliable manufacturers of Cold & Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Coils (basic raw materials for our processes) so as to manufacture high quality and standardized products.

Our steel tube products are suitable for furniture production and also fit for various construction works. Likewise, LTZ profiles, which are produced by our factory, are long-lasting and effective for making doors and windows frame.


  • Rectangular Hollow Sections (RHS)
  • Square Hollow Sections (SHS)
  • Circular Hollow Sections (CHS)
  • LTZ Profiles

Vision / Mission / Values


To be the leading and the preferred steel manufacturing industry in Ethiopia.


We are committed to manufacturing and delivering high-quality and affordable steel tubes and LTZ profiles to customers through the use of world-class manufacturing technology with the aim to contribute to the development of the country.

Company Values

    • Sense of Ownership
    • Every decision is made prudently with a sense of ownership.
    • Team Spirit
    • Working together in the spirit of creativity and mutual respect to achieve the company’s objectives.
    • Integrity
    • Every employee and management stands for the highest standard of ethics with accountability.
    • Professionalism
    • Delivering the best quality service to our clients with utmost rigor and efficiency.
    • Diligence, accountability, confidentiality, creativity, technology enhancement, decentralization, and a conducive working environment are also principles and manifestations of our company.

Our Strengths


Our company applies customer-focused processes and meets their customized needs across all the products. So, our products are well-designed and tailored to suit our customers’ needs. We are always dedicated to assure customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. And it is our daily work to deliver our products on time and with the best quality to our clients. Our employees, in general, and our salespeople, in particular, are always striving and exerting extra efforts in addressing our customers’ needs and expectations.

Highest Production Capacity:

Our factory has a capacity to produce 60,000 metric tonnes of steel tubes and LTZ profiles per annum.

Wide Product Range:

We are producing different size steel tubes and LTZ profiles with a thickness range of 0.8mm to 3.5mm.

Superior Dimensional Accuracy:

Our products’ dimensions are ensured by an automatic gauge control system and sophisticated & accurate cut to length and slitting lines.

Well-Equipped Personnel:

Our company is staffed with highly motivated and experienced professionals. We are performing our duties successfully by deploying a modern management system. Currently, the factory has created an employment opportunity for more than 65 employees.

With our customers’ continuous support and trust in us, today we have reached new horizons of growth and development.

Excellent Surface and Profile Quality:

Our products are well-known for their perfect profile and smooth surface.

Loading Infrastructure:

To make our loading and unloading activities easier and safe, we mounted high capacity Overhead Cranes in the factory, and we also use a modern mobile crane with a capacity of 16 tones.

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