Eppinco Plastic Pipes and Industry LLC

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Eppinco Plastic Pipes and Industry LLC

Eppinco Plastic Pipes Industry L.L.C. is a newly-established  plastics manufacturing firm based in the United Arab Emirates. We want to supply to the Ethiopian market.

Our products:

  • Empipex Pipes and Corrugated Conduit Pipes:eppinco.com/emipex.html
  • Empipipe PP-Rc Pipes & Fittings: eppinco.com/emitherm.html
  • Emiplast U-PVC Drainage & Sewage Pipes: eppinco.com/emiplast1.html

The experts behind Eppinco spent at least two decades of marketing and supplying the Gulf region and Middle East with German PEX and PP-Rc water supply and drainage systems before deciding to set up their own manufacturing facility in the United Arab Emirates. Their careful planning, market focus, substantial experience in the field of plastic pipes trading, honed technical know-how, and keenness on product quality put them ahead in the market.

Thus, it is no wonder that Eppinco products are approved and certified by leading standard quality authorities in the world, such as DIN (Germany), and BS EN (British and European) standards.

Production of u-PVC, PPR, and Pex pipes and fittings are now in full swing and ready for sale.

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