Addis College

Phone +251 11 6635393
Phone 2 +251 11 6511027
Phone 3 +251 11 6631277
Mobile +251 91 1221810
Sub City Yeka
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryEducation/School/Training
Addis College

Addis College is  one of the known private colleges found in Ethiopia and the college is giving different technological courses in degree and "TVET" ("LEVELI-IV") programs in Day, Night and Extension. In its main campus, 4 technological Courses are given in degree program and in TVET, from LEVEL I-IV, Industrial, Construction and Business courses are given.

Technical Studies:

  • Automotive electricity-Electronics (Level I-IV)
  • Automotive Service & Engine overhauling(Level III)
  • Industrial Electrical Machine & Drive Technology
  • Audio- Video Equipment Technology (Level IV)
  • Electronics Office Equipment Technology(Level IV)
  • Electrical House Hold Appliances - Technology(Level III)
  • General Drafting Technology(Level II-IV)
  • Surveying Technology(Level I-IV)
  • Masonry(Level I-IV)
  • Building Electrical Installation(Level I-IV)
  • Concrete Work(Level I-IV)
  • Plumbing (Level I-IV)
  • Plastering (Level I-IV)
  • Tiling(Level I-IV)
  • Painting and Decorating(Level I-IV)
  • Building Metal Work (Level I-IV)
  • Coble Stone Road Construction(Level I-III)

Business Courses

  • Accounting (Level II-IV)
  • Office Administration and Secretarial Technology(Level IV)
  • Purchasing (Level IV)
  • Insurance (Level IV)
  • Marketing(Level IV)
  • Hardware and Network Technology (Level III)
  • ICT Support System Service (Level III)
  • Web and Multimedia Technology (Level IV)
  • ICT Assistance (Level IV)

Degree Programs

  • Architecture and Urban planning
  • Automotive Technology and Vehicle Management
  • Construction Technology and Management
  • Electrical-Electronics Technology