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Primary CategoryEnvironmental Studies And Management
Addis Environmental Services

Addis Environmental Services(AES), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was established in 2004 with business objective of providing Water and Environmental Engineering and related services to public and private sector clients involved in Industrial, Agricultural, Mining, Energy, Construction projects, Hotels, Hospitals and private homes.

Our main services include Water supply service ranging from source identification to System Design and implementation, Water and waste water treatment design, implementation and system supply, water and waste water quality testing service(Laboratory and Field), analysis and consultation, water well drilling and rehabilitation of existing water wells, occupational health & safety (OHS) servces, renewable energy (Consultancy and Logistical Support), supply services (water supply, OHS, Laboratory equipment etc.), topographic survey, GIS geophysical services.

Addis Geosystems plc is AES’s sister company established to provide Geotechnical services. Among the services are Geotechnical investigation for construction projects (buildings, roads and bridges, dams), geological and engineering geological investigation, mineral exploration and core drilling for engineering and mineral exploration.

 Addis Environmental Services (AES), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia was established in 2004 with business objective of providing water and Environmental engineering related services in Ethiopia and Neighboring countries.  Our client base includes industrial, agricultural, mining, infrastructure projects (Road, Railway, wind power etc..) bottling plants, hotels, hospitals etc.

Our major services include consultancy in water supply study, liquid and solid waste management, Ground water survey, Environmental Impact assessment study, assessment and rehabilitation of water supply systems (distribution, storage, pumping) including rehabilitation of existing water wells. Since our establishment, we have provided several dependable water supply and environment related services to various local and international consulting and investment firms. Addis Geosystems PLC, engaged in geotechnical investigation and mineral exploration is a sister company of Addis  Environmental Services.


Water supply service: survey to identify sustainable source, system design & water saving solution, water well drilling and rehabilitation, equipment supply (treatment system, pumps, etc…) 
Water and Waste water treatment Design, Implementation and System Supply 
Water and Waste Water Quality Testing Service(Laboratory and Field), analysis and consultation 

A. Environment Services 

  • ESIA, Audit, Baseline survey etc.. 
  • Environmental Sampling and testing(Soil, water & waste water)
  • Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

B. Occupational Health & Safety (OSH)

  • OSH Management Plan
  • Occupational Health and Safety System set-up and Training 
  • Work place Safety Assessment and Environmental Compliance 
  • Equipment Supply (PPE, Industrial Safety, Road Safety,…) 

C. Renewable Energy (Consultancy and Logistical Support) 

  • Wind 
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Biomass

We work with renowned manufacturers and suppliers and we supply: 

  • Water pumps (Surface, submersible, process) and accessories 
  • Renewable Energy related Equipment 
  • Water Treatment Equipment and Consumables 
  • Laboratory Equipment 
  • Work place Safety Products 

D.  Auxiliary Services 

  • Topographic Survey 
  • Geophysical Services
  • GIS Service




. Client


Description of Work



Tullu Moye   Geothermal

Operations (TMGO)

Geothermal Project

Occupational Health Management, Plan Development

May 2018


International Livestock

Research Institute – ILRI

(Addis Ababa Office)

ILRI Head office (Addis Ababa)

Piped drinking water, Deionized water and waste water quality testing, monitoring and recommendation of remedial measures

One year contract          

( May 2015 – April



Transion Manufacturing plc. (Technomobile)

Mobile Phone Assembly in ICT Park

Topographic survey, Ground water survey

Aug – Oct. 2015


Terra Global Energy Developers LLC (USA)

` DebreBirhan Wind Energy Project (Sheno)

ESIA for Wind Energy Project, RAP, CDM

Dec 2013 – Jan 2014


Garamba Bottling plc

Bottled Water

ESIA study , Topograhic Survey

Sept – Nov 2013


Kanoria Africa Textile PLC (India)

Denim/Textile project in Bishoftu/DebreZeit

-ESIA study for Textile Project & Topographic Survey

July 2013


Dangote Industries (Ethiopia) plc (Nigeria)

Cement Project around Muger

-ESIA Study for cement project &Topographic survey

February – April 2011


MYK Cement Industries   (Pte Ltd) Ethiopia

Cement project around GebreGuracha

ESIA Study for cement project (Limestone mine)

Jan 2012


ErcosplanGeotechnik Und Bergbau (Germany)

Potash Mine

ESIA study (partial) for   Dallo Potash Project

June – Sep 2012


Linsen Roses Ethiopia plc (Holland)

Blue Berry Farm for Export

ESIA study`

August 2010

Water Related Projects


ASB Hotel Properties

Hyatt Regency Hotel, Addis Ababa

Water Quality Testing  

Ongoing from June 2018


ILRI (International Livestock Institute)

ILRI Head Office, Addis Ababa

Water and Waste water quality testing for Environmental Compliance purpose

Ongoing from April 2016


Debre Birhan Mineral Water Bottling Project (Aquasafe)


Ground water survey and drilling supervision

May 2018


Garamba Bottling   plc

South Spring Bottled water


Spring water supply system design and construction supervision

May 2017 to date


Sentinel Steel plc

Steel manufacturing, DebreZeit

Ground Water Survey, Electrical Survey for Earthing, Topographic survey

Mar – May 2014


Kanoria Africa Textile plc (Indian)

Denim/Textile (Bishoftu/DebreZeit)

Ground water survey

June 2013


Hourso Green Acre Farm

Sesame farm at Hourso

Ground water survey

March 2013


Embassy of France, Addis Ababa


Ground water survey

October 2012


Sereniti Resort

Resort Hotel in Bishoftu

Ground water survey

October 2012


Velocity Dairy plc (Holland)

Dairy around chancho

Ground water survey

October 2011


BS Consulting Architects and Engineers

Genalle CGGC Hydropower Project

Ground water survey

June 2012


BS Consulting Architects and Engineers

Sodo Hydropower Substation

Ground water survey

December 2011


Alfarkan College

College around AlemGena  

Ground water survey  

Dec. 2010


Chadha Agro Industry    

Agricultural Project at Finchaa  

Ground water survey  

March 2010


SA Construction plc  

Industrial project around Sululta

Ground water survey and drilling supervision

Dec. 2009


Consta JV (Italy)

Railway rehabilitation project    

Ground water survey for water supply for quarry

February 2008


Negash Lodge Welliso  


Ground water Temperature   assessment, water supply system, Inspection and maintenance, pump installation

Nov. 2008


SA Construction plc  

Fruit Tree plantation around Meki

Water supply study and Design including distribution system, Topographic Survey

October – Jan 2007


Fistula Hospital

Fistula Hospital

Well water quality and supply assessment study, Ground water survey, Water well servicing including pump installation in Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar

Sept 2004 – June 2005


Media & Communication Center

Media training center  

Ground water survey at Dukem  

     Apr. 2008


HuanShen Cement plc  

Cement project

Hydro-Geophysical survey for cement factory around Modjo

Nov. 2008


AtoTeshome G/Mariam  

Floriculture project  

Ground water survey Around Adama

July 2007


Kaleb Instruments plc  

Poultry project

Ground water survey around Adama

Oct. 2007


Horra food complex plc  

Food processing plant  

Ground water survey and drilling supervision at AlemGena

May 2007


SA Construction plc      

Fruit Tree plantation project  

Water supply study for fruit tree plantation

Oct. 2007


International Committee of the Red Cross

Water supply for Refugee Cementer

Water supply study for Refugee centers in Tigray

Apr. 2005


Dashen Brewery, Gondar


Water supply assessment study for bottling around Gondar

March 2004

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