Gasco Trading PLC

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Primary CategoryLab & Quality Control Equipment/Supplies
Gasco Trading PLC

Gasco Trading PLC imports veterinary drugs and instruments, laboratory instruments, laboratory equipments and chemicals, poultry and bee keeping equipment, diary development equipment, and A.I to Ethiopia and exports pulses, oil seeds, meat and live stock to the nearby international market. The company provides agriculture related consultancy service by conducting annual Training programs and seminars and also engaged in investment in the agriculture sectors in Ethiopia

GASCO Trading PLC. is a trade investment company established in 1995 G.C. located in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and have branches in Adama and Bushoftu.



We import & distribute all goods related to animal and animal products:-

1.    Veterinary Drugs

Various veterinary drugs (for large,small animals,poultry and bee keeping )

2.    Poultry inputs

Concentrate Feed, premix, Amino-acids, incubator, chick and hen transport box, feeders, drinkers, slaughtering machines and tools from Europe and Indonesia for small scale, medium scale and industry scales.

3.    Poultry and cattle feed and premixes

4.     Lab equipment and clinical instruments

Sterilizer, oven, autoclave, centrifuge, magnetic stirrer, hotplate, PH meter, refract meter……...etc

5.    Beekeeping equipment

• Honey processing equipment &machine
• Honey extractors, honey presser, queen excluder, honey sieve, queen cage, honey container and turn key projects.
We supply also honey processing plants.
 separators, lactometer and we supply also complete milk processing plant    

6.     Dairy equipment and milk processing

Milk cans, butter churners cream

7.     Veterinary equipment Artificial Insemination instrument

Liquid nitrogen container, Artificial insemination gun, and sheath.


GASCO has been exporting agricultural products such as pulses, oil seeds, spices, meat and meat products, fresh fruit and live animals to Middle East countries, particularly to Yemen Arab Republic and to the Russian Federation.

Training and Advising

Our company jointly with Ministry of agriculture and Addis Ababa City council is conducting annual Training programs and seminars. We also give Consultation in the poultry farm management broilers, layers). Our technicians together with the Technicians and lecturers from Ministry of Agriculture, European and Indonesian suppliers are supporting producers in Ethiopia. We have regular consultation team at our office based on the current problems that the Ethiopian farmers encountered.


• We have a ranch at Yabello and intensive fattening farm at Adama.
• Our future investment plan is to have
•    Animal feed processing plant
•    Slaughter house for cattle & small ruminants
•    Manufacturing related to poultry feed.
•    Processing of plant for the export of seeds
•    We invite potential investors to jointly invest on the animal feed industry.

 Contact Person

G/Manager: Dr.Hailu Melese
             Mob: +251 911 88 07 72
D/G/M and Export Manager: Sisay Yigremachew
             Mob:  +251 92917 44 74
Ass.Tech. Manager Dr. Yetenayet Seyum
             Mob: +251 912 03 82 83
Sales Yonas Getaneh
             Mob: +251 911 68 06 99

Our Address 

Mexico Square Opposite to Agazian
School Kerkos Sub-City Woreda 06 House No. 481
Tel: +251 551 33 37/+251 553 18 65
Fax: +251 551 47 75
P.O.Box: 130032 A.A. ETHIOPIA
Address:- Mexico Square Opposite to Agazian School Kerkos Sub-City woreda 06 House No. 481
Tel: +251 551 33 37/+251 553 18 65
Fax: +251 551 47 75
P.O.Box: 130032 A.A. ETHIOPIA

Some of our imports include

1 Laboratory Equipments Sterilizers,Ovens,Autoclaves,Centrifuges,Magnetic stirrer with hot plate,water distillers,all equipments & liquid nitrogen containers,incubators, microscopes,glassware & others.  
2 Poultry Equipments We import specialized items for quality incubators & hatchers,chick transportation box debeakers,pullet & hen plucking machine, waterers,feeders vitamen & mineral premix and concentrates.  
3 Bee Keeping & Honey processing Equipments Honey-extractors,presser,containers,Queen cage,chiser,smoker,Bee heive,frame dire,wax printer,frame feeder etc.  
4 Dairy & Milk Processing Cream sepators,butter chuirner,milk measuring jug,lactometer,milk can,A-I -gun,ear tag,arun longer glove,viganc-speculen,sthets cope,bocing gun,teat sliter etc..  
5 Vitamins,minerals & amino acids Ruminant Premix 1%,layer concentrate 5%,lysime,methionine, colinchilorida,B-S 5% finsher,vitachicks,nebro,egg stimulant,soya meal,etc.  
6 Clinical Equipment Bone saw,emasculeter,burdigo,denorniny,rectal thermometer,teat-sliter,mouth gag(wire),bull holder,hootknife,balling sun,syringe glass,scislots-B/B corved,forceps,vaccine syring etc..  
7 Laboratory Chemicals formal denade,ethanol,methanol,HIT,sulpheric acid,Hydrochloric acid,alchol,Potasium permanganet etc..  
8 Dairy drug Oky 20%,sulpha,albendorole,teramisole,acaricide,OTC + 20% pow,vitalyte etc..  

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