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Sub City Nefas Silk Lafto
Business Type Private
LocationAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryAluminium Installation & Supplies

SAB BELL PIC, which was previousl known as SAB Wood and Metal Work Industry, is a private company engaged in furniture, wood work & aluminum works in Ethiopia. SAB BELL was established in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by having legal trade license with VAT No. 06275 & TIN no. 0009370594. We manufacture chairs, tables, cabinets, hand rails, cupboards, school desks,bar tables, beds, ceilings, partitions, doors, windows, stages for offices, residences, schools, hospitals and different organizations in Ethiopia.

SAB BELL PLC, furniture wood work & Aluminum works company is established on over 4000m2 land at a place called Lebu, Nefas silk Lafto sub city keble 15 house No. new in 1999. The furniture, wood work & Aluminum works company uses various raw materials, Aluminum & furniture items from inland and abroad and also wood, timber both indigenous and exotic tree species to produce metallic and wood made goods for offices, residence house, apartments the industry also make different mobile and fixed structures for governmental public and administrative organizations.

The industry has up to date machinery imported from abroad to produce furniture wood work, aluminum made goods for both urban and rural companies, organizations and non governmental organizations.
Moreover, SAB BELL PLC has its own work shop. The industry also has show room in paisa near mega Amphi Theator for furniture, wood and aluminum works.
The industry is one of the few highly competent industry engaged in furniture wood & aluminum works.

Our Major products are

1) Residence Furniture Sabbell 4

  • Living Room Furniture
  • Dining Room Furniture
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Bed Room Furniture
  • Built in Cupboard
  • Panel and Flush Door
  • Metal Doors and Grill
  • Partition and Parque
  • Interior Decor
  • Hand Rails
  • Office and school Furniture

2) Office BuildingSabbell 6

  • Internal Doors
  •  Internal Partitions
  • Gibson Board Partitions

3)  Bar Decoration

  • Internal Partitions
  • Bar Table

4) Hospital Furniture

  • Internal Doors With paint
  • Cabinet
  • Stage
  • Wood Ceiling
  • Counter Cabinet

Vision and Mission


The vision of Sal bell PLC is to contribute to the development of furniture wood work industry and Aluminum through having up to date technology produce high standard metallic

Sabbell 9

and wood made goods and sell nationwide by maximizing and giving priority to customer satisfaction by being effective and efficient.


Higher production of metal and wood made goods and avail for customers in a sustainable manner and always ensure customer satisfaction through quality and brand.


  •     Higher production of quality furniture goodsSabbell 8
  •     Effectively and efficiently making metallic structures for buildings
  •     Production and sell of fixed and mobile furniture
  •     Higher production of wood made products (Table chairetc ... ). for various offices, companies, NGO's
  •     Production of industrial furniture and wood made gocds for nationwide sell
  •     Opening branches in various regions
  •     Importing metal and wood made products and selling inland

Capital and Employment

Sab Bell PLC is established at a capital of Birr 8,000,000 (Eight million Birr) in Addis  Ababa City, Lebu Nefas Silk lafto, Kebele 15 house No. New. The Industry has one big and medium Toyota pick UPS, big vehicle (Fiat Entree) for delivery  of metal and wood made goods to customers on time, the industry also has one domestic vehicle four wheel drive.

Sab Bell PLC created Job opportunity for 70 permanent and 20 Temporary Employees.

The company keeps record of transaction for Audit by applying generallyaccepted Accounting principle more over the industry prepares quarterly and annual reports.

Major Achievements

Sab Bell PLC has done verify of works I an effective and efficient manner always keeping higher quality and sell at reasonable price for various customers, from government organizations, private companies and NGO's.

Some of Our Clients

For instance the industry has done varity of metal and wood made products and structures, fixed and mobile goods and items and got higher thans, appreciation and encouragement from:

  • National Fertilizer Industry Agency
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Alfa University College
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of National Defense
  • Yezlhalern Tilahun Building Contractor
  • Friendship Business Group
  • Lion International Bank
  • Finifine Forest Development and Marketing Enterprise
  • Ezana Health College PLC
  • Ethiopian Postal Service
  • Dejen Defence Projects Coordination Office
  • Orbis
  • KK Private Limited Company
  • Magercon Construction PLC
  • Plans Ethiopia
  • A.A City Government Zone 2 Health Division
  • Livestock Marketing Authority
  • And more others

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