Sunny Side Hotel

Phone +251 33 5512869, 5513016
Fax +251 33 5515243
Mobile +251 91 1205102
Business Type Private
LocationKombolcha, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryHotel
Sunny Side Hotel
Sunny Side Hotel is an Ethiopian three star hotel found in Kombolcha city, Dessie Road just a little further from NOC fuel station. Sunny Side Hotel welcomes you to enjoy a comfortable and exiting stay no matter if you are a business traveler, holiday maker or a tourist visiting the historical city of Dessie. Come and experience a delightful stay with Sunny Side Hotel. We also offer you seventy two comfortable and luxurious rooms but also easy on your budget. All rooms are available with choices of satellite channels, flat screen TVs and steam bath. For those who want to spend vacation time as a family in our Hotel, we have prepared luxurious three bungalows all with steam bath, kitchen and saloon. Our conference hall is equipped with perfect sound system and has the capacity to accommodate five hundred guests at a time. It is ready to satisfy all your needs. Our standard restaurant serves both European Cuisine and selected Ethiopian food. It offers friendly atmosphere of easy luxury and best hospitality. A Cosy bar is ready with variety of beverages and drinks of your choice.

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