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TDT PLC. is a construction chemical importer and supplier in Ethiopia. We work with renowned brands and provide concrete admixtures(Mapefluid N200, adhesive for ceramic tiles and materials(Isolastic, Kerabond, Kerabond T), grouts for ceramic tiles(Keracolor FF, Keracolor GG, Kerapoxy), adhesive for wood and parquet (Ultrabond P902 2K) and waterproofing systems (Bitumen waterproofing emulsions like Plastumul and Mapelastic and APP modified Butuminous Membranes like Monogum PL and Zetagum Mineral PL) for the Ethiopian market.   

 Construction Chemicals: brands, products and details

 1. Admixture for concrete: (Mapefluid N200)

  •  Supe-plasticizing admixture for concrete
  •  Increase concrete strength
  •  Short curing periods 
  •  Accelerator 
  •  Retarder  

2. Adhesive for Ceramic Tiles and Materials: (Isolastic, Kerabond, Kerabond T)

  • Elasticizing latex mix to form high performance, highly deformable adhesive with extended open time C2TE/S1
  • Cementitious adhesive with on vertical slip for ceramic tiles 

3. Grouts for Ceramic Tiles: (Keracolor FF, Keracolor GG, Kerapoxy)

  • Pre-blended, high performance polymer- modified Cementitious mortar with water-repellent drop effect for grouting joints up to 6 mm wide
  • Pre-blended, high performance polymer-modified Cementitlous mortar with water-repellent drop effect for grouting joints 4 mm to 15mm
  • 2 component high performance anti-acid epoxy mortar & adhesive for grouting stones 

4. Adhesive for Wood and Parquet : (Ultrabond P902 2K)

  • 2 components epoxy polyurethane adhesive for bonding all types and sizes of parquet on Cementitious screeds, old wood, ceramic, marble and Terrazzo floor

5. Waterproofing Systems: (Plastumul,  Mapelastic, Monogum PL and Zetagum Mineral PL)

  • Bitumen waterproofing emulsions for general use
  • Two components, flexible Cernentitious mortar for protecting and waterproofing concrete surfaces, balconies, terraces, bathrooms, and swimming pool. 
  • APP modified bituminous membranes with polyester mat reinforcement, 4mm thickness.
  • It is planned to be used as under & middle layer, under heavy protection & against humidity from soil
  • APP modified bituminous membranes with 200gr/m2 non- woven polyester mat reinforcement, 4mm thickness.The compound is UV resistant.
  • It is planned to be used as a top layers & under layered for continuous roofing

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