This page includes the list of foreign suppliers to Ethiopia who supply dfferent kinds of Furniture like Hospital Furniture, Medical Furniture, Hospital Equipments, School Furniture, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments Generally Our Product Includes Hospital Furniture, Hospital Beds, Hospital Trolleys, Stretchers, Obstetric Delivery Table, Examination Couch, Instrument Trolley, Wheelchair, Commode Stool, Bed Side Screen, Blood Donor Couch, Revolving Stool, Iv Stand, Drip Stand, Bed Side Screen, Icu Bed, Fowler Bed, Operation Table, Stretcher Trolley, Folding Stretcher, Crash Cart,  School Furniture, Library Furniture, Bench Desk, Tables, Cabinets, Microscopes, Steel Furniture, Laboratory Equipments, Medical Furniture Etc.

Exchange Rates

USD 44.3371  43.4677 
GBP 59.0542  57.8963 
EUR 52.9207  51.8830 
CHF 46.2804  45.3729 
CAD 32.5188  31.8812 
AED 10.9229  10.7087