Ethiopian Coffee Welcome in Guangzhou

guangzhouAs coffee market blossoms in the south Chinese province of Guangdong, coffee beans from Ethiopia are getting a favorable welcome.

Guangdong Province, deemed the frontier of China’s reform and opening-up, imports coffee and related products that surmount 27 thousand tones. This is a quarter of coffee the whole land of China consumes.

Dream High Café, one of the coffee places that serve Ethiopian coffee from Kaffa, is booming. And they report that their customers “welcomed” the taste of Ethiopian coffee.

Coffee beans reach China from Ethiopia mainly by see. After they are first transported to the port of Djibouti by road and railway, then they spend additional 21 days on average on the sea before they finally arrive at China’s coffee places.

As China becomes increasingly open, coffee market in China is expected to grow significantly in the future. Chinese customers, with improved quality of life that comes along with the rise of the nation, will be looking for more choice in the flavor of the coffee they consume.

Top Image: Dream High Café, Guangzhou

(Image Source: Xinhua)

Source: Xinhua


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