Ethiopia: Government to Establish 7,800 Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries

With a view to sustaining the ongoing development, the Ethiopian government is set to establish 7,800 small and medium scale manufacturing industries. Metal and wood work, textile and garment, leather and leather products, agro processing, and construction inputs are some of the industries which are planned to be set up by the government.

According to Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency, the government’s move to plant new manufacturing industries and strengthen the existing ones, which are close to 3000, is part of its endeavor towards bringing about structural transformation.

The agency’s policy planning and project management head, Genet Aregawi, said the new industries were expected to employ 195,000 people. She said a market link worth of Birr 2 billion and USD 194.5 million would be created locally and overseas, respectively, with a view to making the industries effective.

A total of Birr 14.7 billion is needed to establish the new industries and strengthen the existing industries.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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