Ethiopia: Accident-Prone Roads to be Improved

By allocating Birr 220 million, Addis Ababa City Road Traffic Management Agency is prepared to imporve accident-prone roads. The money will be used to fix and maintain traffic lights, safety devices, signage, and marking.

Traffic lights will be positioned at 31 proposed road junctions at a cost of Birr 54 million. The maintenance work includes repainting 50Km of lanes and zebras, and fixing road studs along 82 different streets. The enhancement and maintenance work will take up Birr 128 million and at a cost of Birr 39 million, lane dividers and pedestrian crossings will be covered.

It is expected that the project will be finished in November this year.

The project will be undertaken by four contractors, ATS Engineering, Yared Seyoum General Contractor, Yemane Tewolde General Contractor and Bed Rock Construction. Yohannes Abbay Consulting Architects & Engineers will play supervisory roles.

The project will also include fixation of speed breakers, rumble strips that were started in the last budget year but interrupted by the rainy seasons, and road studs. These road studs will be placed at 82 locations where overpasses and underpasses start. Bollards, short and sturdy posts, will also be used to close access to vehicles on some of the roads.

Source: Addis Fortune

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