Ethiopia’s Economic Reforms are good for Investment - Ambassadors

Ambassadors of different countries to Ethiopia said the Ethiopia’s ongoing reforms would help create favorable conditions which will lure more investors to the country.

According to Anuraga Srivastava, Indian ambassador to Ethiopia, Indian investors are showing a lot of interest to invest in Ethiopia after the country’s current economic reform. He said more Indian investors are considering various investment sectors, including food processing, plastic, leather and garment. The Ambassador noted that India “would like to participate in the economic reforms as we are a close economic and political partner of Ethiopia. We stand ready to participate in the process.”

Turkish Ambassador Fatih Ulusoy said, “We are very happy to see these reforms and encourage Ethiopia to continue with the reform. Actually, we think opening up Ethiopia’s economy will help attract more investors to Ethiopia.”

According to the Korean Ambassador to Ethiopia, Lim Hoon-min, the Korean government supports Ethiopia’s major reforms, including the opening up of its economy.

Finland’s Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Jukka Pajarinen said, “Foreign investors and businesses always wanted to predictability in a way; and they need a business climate that is conducive for the room on businesses and it seems that more businesses are now interested in coming to Ethiopia, a country with very impressive economic growth.” He said Ethiopia’s new strategy would draw businesses and increase possibilities of private companies to invest in Ethiopia.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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