Ethiopian Diasporas in Uganda to Invest in Their Home Country

Ethiopian Diasporas in Uganda expressed their interest of returning home and investing in various sectors in a discussion held with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in Kampala, Uganda on June 08, 2018.

The Prime Minister and the Ethiopian community discussed the existing state of affairs in Ethiopia. The participants of the discussion said that they had had high hopes of investing in their home country after closely following the current developments and changes in the country. Some of the participants such as Seble Gebru and Yohannes Berhe, expressed their eagerness in coming back home and investing.

The participants also noted that bureaucratic hurdles should be removed in order not to hinder investment expansions in the country.  Seble Gebru, an Ethiopian Diaspora in Uganda, noted, “We would change the country if steps are taken to minimize unnecessary bureaucratic and operational hindrances.”

Source: Ethiopian News Agency

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