Ethiopia: Omo Kuraz II Started Production

Omo Kuraz II, part of the Omo Kuraz sugar development project being undertaken by the Government of Ethiopia, has commenced regular production. It was after conducting a successful trial production starting from March that the company shifted to regular production with only half of its installed capacity.

According to Fana Broadcasting Corporation, the factory could not gear up to regular production right after the trial period ended due to problems associated with the strong rainfall the Omo area had in the past months.

When it started trial production, Omo Kuraz started by crashing 6,500 tons of sugarcane, while its installed capacity is crashing 12,000 sugarcane per day.
Furthermore, the plant will generate 60 megawatts of power, from which 40 megawatts will be supplied to the national grid.

It was 3 years back that the construction of Omo Kuraz II was started. The project was financed by 6.67 billion Birr loan secured from China Development Bank.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporation

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