Ethiopia: OiLibiya to Open 17 Gas Stations

OiLibiya, one of the fuel suppliers in Ethiopia, opened 17 additional gas stations with an outlay of 75 million Birr. The gas stations are opened by joining hands with Ethiopian businesses, which took the total of OiLibiya gas stations in Ethiopia to 167.

In the last month, the company had already opened 5 stations out of which 2 are in the capital city, Addis Ababa, and the rest are in 5 different states. The new stations in Addis Ababa were opened around Gorro and Hanna Mariam. The three others are in Azezo in Gondar, Elala in Meqelle, and Sebeta inOromia State.

The new gas stations are going to be opened in the coming 4 months time. They are going to be in Asosa, Meqelle, Gondar, Dilla, Yabelo, Borena, Tulu Dimtu and other places.

When joining with Ethiopian businesses, OiLibiya provides infrastructure, technical support and supplies the oil it receives from the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise (EPSE) to the businesses. In addition to this OiLibiya maintains, repairs and replaces station equipment whenever there is damage as far as the contract upholds.

Currently there are 17 oil companies and 800 gas stations in Ethiopia.

Source: Fortune

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