Ethiopia: Turkish Company Started Producing Diapers

The Turkey based personal hygiene solutions has started to produce diapers in Ethiopia from its factory located in Hawassa Industrial Park. The plant has now started producing Canbebe diapers and it is working with only 60 percent of its capacity.

Arkebe Oqubay (PhD), Board Chairperson of the Industrial Parks Development Corporation, commenting on the development said the company would contribute a lot for the Ethiopian economy. It would produce diapers worth 400 million Euros by the year 2020, he added.

From its total production the company would export 60 percent of it, mainly to the Kenyan market, and supply the rest to the local market.

According to the CEO of Ontex the company in the future will produce hygiene solutions for women and adults in the future.

The factory, which is one of the 18 companies that entered Hawassa Industrial Park, is said to produce 250 million diapers in a year.

Source: Fana Broadcasting Corporation

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