Rabah and Sons PLC

Phone +251 25 7752314
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Fax +251 25 7752060
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Business Type Private
LocationJigjiga, Jigjiga, Ethiopia
Primary CategoryEthiopian Service Providers
Rabah and Sons PLC

Rabah & Sons PLC is a company in Ethiopia that provides its clients with reliable services on geological works, consultancy for various types of constructions, import of quality machinery, food and other products. Rabah & Sons PLC is a modern company operating in Ethiopia managed by high caliber professionals.

It has already accomplished genuine development projects which benefited many people in the country.

Rabah and Sons PLC brings change into the life of people by making possible treatment of underground water  and access  to clean and safe drinking water to everyone in Ethiopia. Our company import heavy duty machinery which contribute to the economic growth of the country. We also import wide range of food products to give people a choice of consumption.

Our Company contributes to the constructions sector by building roads and bridges which can be the platform for the wider infrastructure of Ethiopia.

Rabah and Sons PLC started as a small local business many years ago. After years of hard work, it managed to become the leading provider of geological services, contractor and importer.


  • Geological and hydro-geological investigation
  • Design of water sources and water supply
  • Pumping test of aquifers and wells
  • Surface and ground water
  • Drilling Water wells
  • Casing Installation Wells


   * All types of Buildings
   * Construction of Roads
   * Micro dams and diversion structures
   * Building water reservoirs
   * Construction of Hand wells


  • Generators
  • Construction Equipments
  • Food and Edible Oil
  • Machinery

Rabah and Sons PLC

Jijiga Head Office

P.O. Box 319 Jijiga, Ethiopia
Phone: 251-257-752314
Fax: 251-257-752060

Dire Dawa Office

P.O. Box 1679 Dire Dawa, Ethiopia
Phone: 251-251-115280
Fax: 251-251-110558

Addis Ababa Office

PO Box 27510 Code 1000
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone: 251-11-5531881
Fax: 251-11-5531880



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