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Ethiopia: Addis Light Railway Project Approaches Final Stage

The Ethiopian Railways Corporation (ERC) said Addis Ababa Light Railway Project is in its completion stage.

Over 90 percent of the construction of stations had been finished, and 33 trains are assembled and ready for operation, Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported.

The project is reportedly distinctive in sub-Saharan Africa. Dereje Tefera, ERC public Relations head, told ENA some African countries had started and quit the same projects for different reasons. Luckily, the Ethiopia project, launched three years ago, is to go operational after few months, he added.

The Light Railway will have 39 stations and 40 crossings.

Out of the 41 trains required, 31 trains are ready for operation where as the the remaining had arrived at Djibouti and will reach Addis Ababa next month.

Over 240 professionals had also been trained and are ready to deliver services at the light railway.

Source: Ethiopian News Agency