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AAWSA Allocates 3.7 Billion Birr for Water Projects

The Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority allocated more than 3.7 billion birr to finance 45 projects intended to facilitate access to drinking water and sewer services to be executed this financial year. One billion birr of the budget is allocated for the development of sewage projects.

The projects are expected to meet the water demand of the Ethiopian capital fully upon completion according to Etsegenet Tesfaye, Communications Affairs Support for the AAWSA.

The 45 projects will entail the installation of 260 kilometers of water pipelines she noted. 

Amongst the projects scheduled for this fiscal year is the drilling of two water wells with the capacity to supply 67 thousand cubic meters of water said Etsegent.

It is to be remembered that the Authority inaugurated the Akaki deep well project last March.

The Akaki deep well project, which took 500 million birr to finalize, is expected to deliver 73 thousand m3 of water daily.
It took three years to complete the first and second part of the Akaki deep well project.

The Akaki deep will increase the supply of the water to meet 93% of total demand following the rapid growth in the water consumed by the city over the last few years explained Birhanu Gessesse, Communication Officer of AAWSA.

Source: Walta Info