Ethiopian Roads Authority Requires Additional Funding

The Roads Authority in Ethiopia requested 19 billion birr of additional funding to accomplish road related projects for the coming fiscal year.

The authority presented its request to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development after revising a previous request for even more money according to sources.

The Roads Authority is allocated the highest budget from the federal government every year although it never gets all it requests according to sources.

ERA has plans to undertake a range of projects including the upgrade of trunk roads, maintenance and rehabilitation and the construction of new asphalt roads in the coming financial year.

It is to be remembered that ERA presented a supplemental budget request for 5 billion birr for the current fiscal year which is yet to earn final approval from MoFED. The budget for ERA allocated this financial year was 18 billion birr which showed an increase of almost 3 billion birr from the previous year.

The authority is requesting more money due to the increase in cost of materials due to inflation said ERA officials.

ERA gas accomplished 90% of the projects it had targeted for the budget year and expects to reach 100% of targets if it is able to finalize maintenance works explained a source.

Source: Capital

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